Earth Care Network


Earth Care Network


A Collection of Hope

There are more people who care about our planet and the development of humanity than appear in the daily news. The Earth Care Network is an attempt to make these people and their aspirations visible.

The focus should be on the collection, the rest should be done by the internet. The collection only contains links to electronic documents that have already been published. Therefore, it does not touch on data protection issues. The entries are created by Entprima according to the knowledge or wish of committed people. Below are some rules.

The ECN is not an organisation, but a private initiative of Entprima founder Horst Grabosch. Any person or organisation close to the aims of the collection can request an entry. Every link can alleviate the feeling of powerlessness against the harmful influences on our planet.

Aims and Rules


This list has a very simple task. It is to show that there are many people and organisations that care about the good things. Any change must first happen in our minds, and that is easier if we don’t feel like we are alone.

In my 65 years of life, I have learned that the impact of a campaign falls flat if the structural organisation robs it of too much strength. So there are no categories here, or any other structure. It is a rummage list for new strength in the fight against ruthlessness, poverty, environmental destruction, racism, child abuse, war and many other destructive things.

If you want to be listed here, you do not have to be an active fighter, because it would exclude all those who have already lost all their strength in the fight for life. It also doesn’t matter whether you express your stance privately, as an organisation, or as a company that supports our cause. You should only have a link to a website or an account in social networks where people can find out more about your cause.

We only show a single key sentence related to your issue, the destination point where we found you, or where you want to link  and the language of your already published appearance on the internet. Since this is the destination point where all the information you share is found, we don’t show names.

We fished the first entries from our already existing contacts in the social networks. However, anyone who feels connected to us can ask for a link (button above). As already mentioned, we need the core sentence/slogan, the link and the language(s) of publications.

Key phrase/slogan – We know that this is not an easy task. The sentence should be short and describe the main point of your concern. Everyone knows that your issue is more diverse than your sentence. The wording of this sentence, which must be simple enough to be understood in all translations, is the only challenge for your entry. But the effort will be useful for your whole life!

You can use the logo (exactly as it appears here) without any restrictions! Because we all hopefully see ourselves as citizens of planet Earth, we also refrain from indicating origin here.



We are here to spread awareness all around the globe about poverty.  ♥  Facebook/English

We create upcycled bags for our common journey to a better future  ♥  Instagram/English

We create the unique soundtrack for the souls of people who care about a peaceful world  ♥  Instagram/English

We are cool kids saving a hot planet ♥  Instagram/English

We are an organization committed to building a better tomorrow by being mindful and living consciously  ♥  Instagram/English

I’m on a journey to be a better human by taking one small eco-step at a time  ♥  Instagram/English

We try to save dolphins and free earth from plastics  ♥  Instagram/English

We help creating sustainable futures through innovative thinking, positive changes and broadening our knowledge  ♥  Instagram/English

We create colourful beaded accessories for open-minded and peaceful people  ♥  Webshop/German

 We are a group of concerned residents of Toronto working together to demand urgent local and global climate action and justice  ♥  Instagram/English

I’m collecting plastic free eco inspriation for you  ♥  Instagram/English