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We are a family of individuals. Some are related by blood, others by soul. Our publications are the results of our professions and studies. Our shared passion is freedom of the mind and respect for difference. We vehemently oppose manipulation and oppression, and we talk about it. We come from the state of Germany on planet Earth and currently offer music, books, design, podcasts, videos.

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I am Horst Grabosch, the founder of Entprima. You’ve come to the right place, because this is the only place where you can consume all Entprima Publishing products and content – you can’t do that on YouTube, Spotify or any other platform. This Membership gives you a taste of our offer. If you like our approach you can update anytime to Premium or our unique Ambassador. Our Club of Eclectics has the same access rights.

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With this Membership you get all premium content. You can stream our Music direct from this Website and read all Books online. We offer also discounts for our sales. Every digital content will be available with this Membership.

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This membership is so revolutionary that you need to invest in a membership first so we can see how serious you are. Then you can earn money with us in different ways – be it as an artist or as a curator or as an influencer, or whatever else you can think of to promote our cause.

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