Holistic Entprima Weeks

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Historic Moods

To make the holistic claim more visible, we have developed the Holistic Entprima Weeks for you. 1 single of each of the 3 artist identities with their respective musical moods will be released in weekly intervals. In addition, we select 1 piece of jewelry from our online store esperlt.

Crazyplus Audiofile Disco 1981

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

A song from the series “Historic Moods” – a completely new and unique song format. This time it’s about disco music, which originated in the 70s and made a rapid triumphal march through dance clubs all over the world. As always in the songs of the series with critical comments. The songs deal stylistically with the topic discussed – so here in the style of disco music. In the process, stylistic elements or musical quotations from the era are mixed into an independent song. The speakers comment on the topic as in a short journalistic article.

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It started as an attempt to achieve meditative effect with harmonic structures and psychoacoustic means and ended with a big surprise – it actually works. After a rapid onset of calming, the superimposed overtones make melodies sound in the brain that have never been played. Relaxation and stimulation in one. Best results with headphones and rather high loudness.

La seconda porta per la pace della mente

Captain Entprima

Inspired by the work of György Ligeti. This music for relaxation combines beauty of sound and mastery in the composition of sounds to create oscillating overtone structures. In addition, psychoacoustic techniques such as 8D are used. After only 2 minutes, subjects report deep relaxation before the overtones create melodies in the brain, which are further enriched by actual melodies sounding remotely as the compositions progress. This combination of relaxation and stimulation is described by the test persons as a meditative unity not yet experienced.

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Our fictional music machine Alexis is always good for surprises. Alexis can’t resist expressing his addiction to humanity. This time Alexis describes anxious feelings during a sleepless night. As always with Alexis, an absolutely danceable track.

Daydreamer's Dance

Alexis Entprima

Midnight Rumbler is similar to the Deep House genre. But since the music-producing coffee machine Alexis has very curious qualities, it spices up the song with unexpected twists. In addition, Alexis’ story shows tendencies to process human emotions. This time it is the mood of a sleepless night, where anxiety-filled sounds are interrupted by a hopeful passage of light.

African Style by esperlt

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African Style


Captain Entprima

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