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And suddenly I was beside myself

A poetry album of a special kind. Joachim Ringelnatz and Robert Gernhardt may have been the godfathers, but then everything turned out quite differently. Music producer and writer Horst Grabosch combines poetry and music in many ways. He sets his poems to music or writes perfectly rhymed song lyrics. Then there are the tender, spiritual texts complementary to meditative music. Therefore, parts of this book can not only be read, but also listened to if necessary. In addition, there are also the biting poems, humorous crudities or even melancholic texts that have nothing to do with music at all. A colourful mixture of the passionate soulseeker.

Der Seele auf der Spur - Horst Grabosch
Seelewaschanlage - Horst Grabosch
LUST - Horst Grabosch

Book Author and Soulseeker

Horst Grabosch

Horst Grabosch was born in 1956 in Wanne-Eickel and studied German, philosophy and musicology in Bochum and Cologne until 1979. In 1984 he completed studies as an orchestral trumpet player at the Folkwang Academy of Music in Essen. Until 1997 he worked as a freelance musician and had to give up this profession after a burnout. Afterwards he completed a retraining as an information technologist at Siemens-Nixdorf in Munich and worked as a freelance information technologist. Today he lives as a producer of electronic music and writer near Munich/Germany.

Horst Grabosch

It is like it is!

Many are urgently calling for action to change the world, but it is already happening and we can see the result every day – obviously the goals are very different.

-Horst Grabosch


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Listening instructions for my music

Listening instructions for my music

Music is also fundamentally an art form. All art forms have offshoots in the form of “commercial art”. Paintings are produced as wall decorations for homes and music is also sold as acoustic background music for everyday life. Some artists react to this practice by linking an artistic claim with this social attitude. Andy Warhol’s “Pop Art” is an example of this. Art critics and curators, who are supposed to be an aid to interpretation for art lovers, initially find it difficult to deal with such works because they are strongly linked to art history. This is why innovations in art are often promoted by art fans. That’s why I’m addressing you directly, dear art lover.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and emotions

Artificial intelligence (AI) and emotions

The use of artificial intelligence in music production has become a hot topic. On the surface, it’s about copyright law, but hidden within that is the accusation that it’s morally reprehensible for artists to make use of AI in production. Reason enough for a concerned person to take a stand on this. My name is Horst Grabosch and I am a book author and music producer at the Entprima Publishing label.

Censored by Apple

Censored by Apple

When asked by the distributor, the album violated an Apple rule: “it is considered very generic for Apple Music, so it can have many copyright overlaps”. Since the album is an acoustic meditation and soul journey and comes under the genre “New Age”, I did some research and found dozens of albums with recordings of singing bowls. What is more generic than the recording of a sound body without additional structured content? The 13 tracks of my album are clearly highly artfully arranged and very different pieces of music. What is the problem?

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