Electronic Dance Jazz

“Massive Space Shuffle” is the next step of developing a new style of EDM. And because it is like that, I decided to create a new genre for this kind of music, which is named “Electronic Dance Jazz” as a subgenre of EDM. But what for? I experienced, that a lot of people expect another music, when they read “EDM”. But in the meaning of the words this is EDM! It is electronic, it is made for dancing, and it is music. So what? But the difference to common EDM is exactly the jazzy moment of my music. And there is nothing to wonder about, because I am a former Jazz musician.

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But what does “jazzy” mean?

It doesn’t make any sense to argument like a musicologist, but all my nearest companions called their experience with the music “jazzy”. And reality is what the listeners feel, and not what a creator wants to generate. And because it is very natural, that music, made by a Jazz musician is felt “jazzy”, for me this means reality. And what fits better to that as “Electronic Dance Jazz”? What do you mean?

Credits to Bas

But there is another important change in my production workflow. I gave up mixing and mastering, because that is not my main task, and there are other talented people who are doing better. And I am very happy that I found a young but experienced audio engineer, who is also a sensitive musician. A heartly thank you to Bastiaan Ruitenbeek, who is my companion for this and the next productions.

From Ape to Human

In spite of beeing the first release out of the drama „From Ape to Human“, this is not the beginning of the story. You will regognize the right order later, but let me tell you today, that it marks scene 3 of the theatre play.

Release Notes – Details

Release Notes – Details

Release Notes – Details – Video

Release Notes – Details – Video

Release Notes – Details – Video

Older Mix – Remix coming soon …

Release Notes – Details – Video

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