Spaceship Entprima | Introduction


January 1, 2019


Before the listeners of “Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts” get crazy, let us begin to tell the story, which is behind the music. Fans of science fiction are used to deal with time shifts. If you are not part of that community, we will give you a short introduction. All science fiction stories will play in the future. But inside the story it is present time. This present time has a past and a future in itself. In a story teller’s imagination the past of the story time can also be the past of the story teller and his present time can be the present of the future story. That’s what happens in this story.

The Music – Past, Present and Future

The three first releases were retrospective and originally recorded in the last century. They are no longer available online, but on CD. All releases after that musical introduction are contemporary productions, which imagine a future environment. This behavior include some interesting questions: “What kind of music will be needed on board of a spaceship to entertain the people? How do new techniques influence the production of music? What happen with today known real musicians?” … and some more.

The Frame Story

After a nuclear blast on earth, some hundreds of selected people, like engineers, physicians, and other urgently needed minds meet in a rescue ship to look for a new home. This ship is called “Spaceship Entprima”. Maybe it looks like this one in the picture, but it is not so important for our story. More important is the mind set of the people who know, that it could last generations to find a new home. And same important is the loss of all cultural differences bit by bit. If you want to follow the story of Spaceship Entprima, this is what you should have in mind for now. And that is also enough for our first Part of the story.

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Story Insights

Some of our music releases are part of a story, like “Spaceship Entprima” or “From Ape to Human”. In this post we want to offer you some deeper insights into the development of the story.

These comments can also be found in the menu under the title of the story together with the “Release Notes” of the related music releases.

Related Music

Space Ship Diner-01

Entprima Publishing Release | First tune of the intelligent coffee machine in Spaceship Diner.

Space Ship Diner-02

Entprima Publishing Release | As a contra reaction to the tragic reason of the exodus, the music on board of the Spaceship is joyful.

Havanna Memories

Entprima Publishing Release | Havanna Memories is the first release on board of Spaceship Entprima with dance music.

Tango – El Gato – Los Pantalones

Entprima Publishing Release | Another dance mashup for the dancing starkids on board of Spaceship Entprima.

Space Ship Ambient-01

Entprima Publishing Release | Hallways and elevators are the third environment, where music can be heard on board of Spaceship Entprima.

Spicing with Jazz

Entprima Publishing Release | This new dance release, produced on fictive Spaceship Entprima is spiced with elements from old Jazz.

Latin Electro Dancing

Entprima Publishing Release | Let’s do it the latin way. A new dance mashup for the passengers of Spaceship Entprima.

Space Ship Diner-03

Entprima Publishing Release | Another tune from Spaceship Entprima made by the coffee machine. This time setup “bitter and sweet”.

Waltzing to the Stars

Entprima Publishing Release | Another dance tune for the passengers of the spaceship. Young people are surprised by a waltz.

Outer Greece Syrtaki

Entprima Publishing Release | The tune is a dance mashup for the imagined passengers on Spaceship Entprima.

Story Insights from Spaceship Entprima

Spaceship Entprima | Introduction

Entprima Story Insights | This is the starting point of our first story, where 10 music releases were involved.

Spaceship Entprima | Missing Arts

Entprima Story Insights | The artists were missing on board of the spaceship because no one on the selection committee thought they were necessary.

Spaceship Entprima | First Music Event

When the passengers found the musician who probably could create the onboard music for the upcoming months, they wanted to hear some samples.

Spaceship Entprima | The Rooms

Entprima Story Insights | For the sound of the related releases, it is useful to know something about the rooms, where music was performed on spaceship.

Spaceship Entprima | Aspects for Musicians

Entprima Story Insights | There are no musicians on board of the Spaceship. This fact is important to understand this post, and the music releases of this time.

Spaceship Entprima | Apes and Humans

Entprima Story Insights | The Homo Sapiens still belongs to the order of primates, such as gorillas and chimpanzees. And that’s exactly how he behaves.

Fiction vs. Reality

Entprima Story Insights | A simple course about the relationship of fiction and reality with some surprises.

Spaceships and Law on Earth

Entprima Story Insights | How law on earth influences imagination. Solutions for the naming are required and found.

Spaceship Entprima | The End of the Story

Entprima Story Insights | Sometimes stories come to a sudden end. This is what happened to the story of the Spaceship Entprima.

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