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December 19, 2020

When Christmas is just around the corner, memories, emotions and a critical view of world events sometimes form a wild alliance. The critical spirit can only disrupt the strong longing for a sweet, healthy world, but cannot cover it up. The song “Emotionplus Audiofile X-mas 1960” reflects this conflict, but cannot destroy the naive beauty of the Christmas song.

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Coordinates of the place. 51 degrees, 32 minutes and 29 seconds north latitude, seven degrees, nine minutes and 15 seconds, east longitude

The Great War was just 15 years over when the new generation experienced the first deep childhood emotions

The deceptive splendor of Christmas outshone the wounds of the destroyed country

The people from the war zones were busy rebuilding their countries and were not yet aware that their planet was one common home

The pope preached from Rome and the starving children in the forgotten world died still in monochrome

Six decades time shift to record in year 2020

Fight for Empathy

After the story of “Spaceship Entprima” and the stage play “From Ape to Human”, the Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts were free for a new task. The decision was made for a permanent, socio-political task – the fight for more empathy in this world.

Empathy logically excludes racism, fascism, injustice, greed and all other evils of human behaviour. And when we speak of fight, we include determined resistance. We will not leave our children a world worth living in if we allow ourselves to fall permanently into romantic transfiguration or meditative retreat.

Nevertheless, every person needs a balance for his soul. If we respond to hate with hate, we will fail miserably. But we are many! If everyone does his part in daily life to improve the situation, we will win.

Make sure that you always remain powerful in your mission and avoid confrontations that harm your soul.



Emotion and Brainwork

The Christmas classic “Silent Night, Holy Night” is crossed with “Good Evening, Good Night” by Brahms, and from children’s choir to church bells all platitudes are used, while an out-of-control drummer fires off one fill after another and a rich bass unwinds all the notes of the harmonies, which also oscillate between major and minor. 

In the process, the speakers complete their documentary tasks. Surprisingly, it still remains a beautiful song.

As in songs before, I try to bridge the gap between feeling and understanding. The mind saves us from global chaos, but if it is used alone, it causes our soul to atrophy. It makes sense that we operate primarily in patterns that have been formed over thousands of years of evolution, because otherwise our brains would be completely overwhelmed.

These inherited patterns, such as fear, love and empathy, are part of our emotions. Now we have to use our intelligence to develop new patterns that make us feel as a species of a planet, not as representatives of races and nationalities.


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