Entprima Live

Who is it?

2013 saw the birth of a live band consisting of 7 musicians who played on stages in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and for whom the Entprima Publishing label then became more important. This band was named “Entprima Live”.


It all seemed to be over in 2018 when the band’s founder gave up music as his main occupation. Singer Janine Hoffmann and keyboardist Ingo Höbald wanted to carry on. Too much had been invested in equipment and repertoire. Could it work with just the two of them? With diligence and perseverance, the pop-lounge-dance music duo of the same name emerged from the ruins of the former band. Now the musical journey continues.

The artist's comment

Music makes events vibrate. We understand vibration. Our promise? Head off, legs on. Listen to emotional songs. Enjoy music. Dance extensively. And Entprima Live performs. As musicians and lovers, on the stage of life, we can sing many songs, verses and choruses full of emotions.

Got to know each other on the net via ‘ne kind of Tinder-premiere. Now together on stage, in the studio and on vacation. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it! If we’re honest, it is. But as a musician, you kind of need the thrill. You need emotional stories from which you can draw melodies. A shoulder to lean on and a partner to listen to. What can we say – we have all that to really hit the ground running.

Puhhh, from septet to duo. From two vocals to one. From a complete live band to a kind of mixture of DJ-ing with live performance. This reduction sounds at first like it would have an insurmountable impact on sound and music quality, doesn’t it? On the contrary. It does require some different or additional equipment, such as a vocal effects unit, DJ controller, keyboard setup and other cabling. Our movements and the stage set-up are different, the clothes too and both of us are now more in the focus of the audience. But the power, the emotions and the good danceable sounds have remained.

Von aaa bis zzz - Entprima Live
Stronger T&han You Are - Entprima Live
Summer Breeze - Entprima Live
Beat House Music - Entprima Live
Tango Deep Into The Night - Entprima Live
Sway You Down - Entprima Live
Jazz O'Clock - Entprima Live
Latin Life Affair - Entprima Live
Roads To Neverland - Entprima Live
Everybody Get Up - Entprima Live
This Is Your Life - Entprima Live
Calling Me - Entprima Live
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