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About Entprima Publishing and Founder Horst Grabosch

The name “Entprima” goes back to the dark times of founder Horst Grabosch. After his second burnout in his second job as an information technologist, he needed a vision for the future and invented “Entprima” as a brand for unknown future activities.

When his son Moritz began to produce music, he took over the brand and published his first productions on “Entprima Publishing”, which had now become a record label. For his father, this was a new contact with the music scene and he accompanied his son’s musical steps with advice and support.

2013 saw the birth of a live band consisting of 7 musicians who played on stages in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and for whom the Entprima Publishing label then became more important. This band was named “Entprima Live”.

It all seemed to be over in 2018 when the band’s founder gave up music as his main occupation. Singer Janine Hoffmann and keyboardist Ingo Höbald wanted to carry on. Too much had been invested in equipment and repertoire. Could it work with just the two of them? With diligence and perseverance, the pop-lounge-dance music duo of the same name emerged from the ruins of the former band. Now the musical journey continued and Horst Grabosch had not only taken over the orphaned label, but had also started to produce music again himself.

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts, Alexis Entprima and Captain Entprima are project names of former worldwide active jazz trumpet player Horst Grabosch. Horst had to quit the music business as a trumpet player at the age of 40 because of health problems.

After 23 following years as an IT specialist, he decided to try a comeback in music. Under the band’s name Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts he started to create electronic music in 2019. To give his project a starting shape, he created an imagined Spaceship Entprima, where the music should be performed. With that story he also included a political statement for a better earth in peace and respect against diversity of humans.

His first productions in his second, late music career show a very special view on EDM, added with a portion of humor. The mix of jazz, typical electronic elements and sound art leads to a unique music experience, which provides both, an intellectual approach and fun.

Horst’s extremely different music influences include Beethoven, The Beatles, John Coltrane, Deep Purple, Anita Baker, Paolo Conte, Justice and a lot more. No wonder, that his style oscillates with many genres in latest productions. Also his talent as a storyteller breaks through with his dance drama „From Ape to Human“.

Six actors meet six dancers and artificial intelligence „Alexis“. The story is like a mind game with the question how to escape into a better world. The first act describes the ideas of three young couples who imagine an exodus by a spaceship, accompanied by music videos, fitting to each step of the story and produced by „Alexis“.

Upon completion of the stage play, Horst designed a new concept for his music brand Entprima with the slogan “Soulfood”. To this end, he divided his music into three artistic entities, which are intended to provide a balance between political commitment, fun and relaxation.


Horst Grabosch until 1998

Horst Grabosch (* 17 June 1956 in Wanne-Eickel) is a former German musician in the field of jazz and new music. After being unable to work as a trumpet player, he works as an information technologist until 2019.

Selected Recordings until 1997

  • Horst Grabosch Quintett – „Anytime“ (1984)
  • Horst Grabosch DDT – „Die Kälte des Weltraums“ (1991)
  • Horst Grabosch feat. Wienstroer, Köllges, Witzmann – „Alltage“ (1997)
  • Georg Gräwe Quintett – „New Movements“ (1976)
  • Georg Gräwe Quintett – „Pink Pong“ (1977)
  • The Berlin Jazz Workshop Orchestra feat. John Tchicai – „Who is Who?“ (1978)
  • Georg Ruby – „Strange Loops“ (1993)
  • Norbert Stein Pata Masters – Graffiti (1996)
  • Klaus König Orchestra – „At the End of the Universe“ (1991)
  • Michael Riessler – „What a Time“ (1989–1991)

Live Gigs

The current music career has so far been purely a producer’s career. Nevertheless it should be mentioned that Horst has done about 4.000 gigs on various stages all over the world. This makes him fundamentally different from the many knights of fortune who cavort on the platforms in the streaming age.


Horst Grabosch Biography (short)
  • was born in 1956 in Wanne-Eickel/Germany
  • studied German, philosophy and musicology in Bochum and Cologne until 1979
  • graduated as an orchestral trumpet player from the Folkwang Academy of Music in Essen in 1984
  • worked as a freelance musician until 1997 and had to give up this profession after a burnout
  • retrained as an information technologist at Siemens-Nixdorf in Munich until 1999
  • worked as a freelance information technologist until 2019
  • produces electronic music since 2020  and writes all kinds of lyrics
  • lives in the south of Munich

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