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It’s Raining in Strange Spaces

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Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

March 15, 2024
A very upbeat electro house track. It may even be raining indoors, but it doesn't dampen the mood. There are a few borrowings from K-Pop, which certainly doesn't detract from the catchiness of the song. A very suitable track for all good mood playlists. In addition, Grabosch's typical outbursts into other styles - always skilfully placed and integrated.

Press reviews from around the world

'GOOD MUSIC RADAR' (Netherlands)

Horst Grabosch has just released his latest, ‘It’s Raining in Strange Spaces’. It is an eclectic musical entourage full of dance and vibrance. He blends dance pop and EDM with house builds and disco funk. The textures, tonalities, chroma, and rhythms are the kind that fill your soul.

Each frame is vividly contoured but seamlessly integrated. So when you’re listening, you feel like you’re passing through different galaxies and wavelengths of dance. One moment, you’re in synthwave heaven, and the next on a disco dance floor. And just when you think you’ve got it figured out, a dynamic rock frame crashes on you, which he balances out with a dubstep moment. It’s not just stylistic worlds that he travels through. But also time : Retro, contemporary, futuristic, what have you. By the end of it, you feel like you’ve been many places, a musical wormhole or sorts.

Horst Grabosch is a very imaginative musician and electronic music artist. He has this amazing ability to extrapolate everything he knows to create a world full of vivid sensibilities. His music is fiction and so are his band members. But the experiences are real. When you listen, you start to belong to his world and become part of his narratives. And the ticket to travel to his world is a will to dance and an open mind. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! You can listen to ‘It’s Raining in Strange Spaces’ by Horst Grabosch and Alexis Entprima here.

'SPACE SOUR' (United Kingdom)

Last but not least, we have a cheerful track to close this new episode of Hyperspace. We are now flying to Germany to showcase this incredible artist who goes by the name of Horst Grabosch. he recently released a track with Alexis Entprima called “It’s Raining in Strange Spaces”.

The track is not the usual electro-pop as you might expect. Listen closely, this track has some amazing ear candies and experimental moments that add some audacity to the track. That’s what we look for in electronic music, and Horst did an amazing job with this. There are some industrial and more violent parts, sometimes alternated with aggressive synths other times with gospel-ish organs. We won’t know what to expect, and that’s the beauty of it.


Horst Grabosch’s new single “It’s Raining In Srange Spaces” is one of four new releases this year. He previously released the singles “Heroes of The Night Shift” and “Destiny Weaver”, which are well worth a listen. 

The new work is a genius of unique versatility that makes this track a highly euphoric performance that infects us. The artist, at the end of his career as an electronic music producer, brings us a single that manages to get us deeply into this dance style and then we lose ourselves, surrender to these transitions that are surprising.

“It’s Raining In Strange Spaces” arrives with a lot of energy, to get the atmosphere in the mood for a party, to get the crowd on their feet and make everyone embark on this experience that is surreal and that flows madly between pop, with influences from k-pop, electro, house and even transitions that bring us something from rock. 

“It’s Raining In Strange Spaces” is a song with a name that fits the theme very well. It’s a track that manages to bring together diverse influences and has an absurdly incredible sound quality, with an infectious vocal that quickly sticks in your mind and makes you hallucinate the song. 

Horst Grabosch makes it rain in different places, in different environments, in an eclectic track that has a lot of energy, with synthesizers that are sensational and beats that make your feet tap and your heart flutter. 


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