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Entprima sees itself as an ambassador of high spirits without closing its eyes to the suffering of the real world. A balancing act that can only succeed with the right balance between the extremes.

As a music brand, music is of course also our central concern. Nevertheless, we are constantly on the lookout for things that can support our cause.

This website shows the musical world of the founder and mastermind Horst Grabosch. However, we would also like to make a prominent reference to the website of our dance-pop duo “Entprima Live”, which anyone can book for private and public events.

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In line with our worldwide claim we are present on all streaming platforms offered by our sales networks. We try to reach all corners of the world, but are dependent on the activities of the various services.

We want to learn about regional preferences, but we have to choose a language for every song, and at the moment we use English as the most commonly understood language, and at Entprima Live we also use German as our mother tongue. Due to our translation tool you can choose your native language here, even if translation of lyrics is sometimes slightly curious.

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Millions of pieces of information on the Internet are vying for your attention. It is and remains your decision what and how you filter the information. In cocurrence to the social media, the website wrongly lost importance. After all, it is the only source that the author can control himself.

If you have decided to follow Entprima’s work, this website is recommended as the source of all information. The only question is how to find out when there is news from Entprima. You can continue to use the platform of your choice in social media, as we mirror main posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr. 

A Message From Our Editor

“Development don’t stop!” When we started with Entprima, there was a band called Entprima Live without any recordings but lot of live events. You can follow the way of this band on their own website >

Meanwhile we have 4 recording projects with million plays and things get more complex. I try my best to give you an overview and to keep you informed. This website handles the 3 projects: Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts, Captain Entprima and Alexis Entprima.

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

Horst Grabosch

Editor in Chief