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#3Musix is the music department of Entprima mastermind Horst Grabosch. The connection between his literary work and music has become obvious at the latest since the release of the music album “LUST” and the book of the same name. In his recently published blog article “Listening instructions for my music“, he describes the constellation of his soul that led to the songs, which oscillate between all genres of pop music.

Subscribers will be able to listen to the songs in full length here, and associated videos will also be available to watch directly on the site. There will also be commentaries that show the connections. These connections will also be made recognizable to the listener through exclusive compilations of the songs that deviate from the published albums. There will also be some free downloads for subscribers.

I normally follow a rule that says you only offer content when it is available. In this case, I have to deviate from this rule because the preparations are so extensive that the new, already established structure would only become visible when parts of the content are already available.

Due to the increasingly restrictive and socially questionable practices of major media and distribution platforms such as X, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, Patreon and many others, I have decided to set up my own distribution channel on this website. That in itself is important news that I no longer want to keep quiet about. The content is currently being added and will soon be available to subscribers. Of course, there will also be a free membership to get to know our offer.

Members of our “Club of Eclectics” will have access to the ‘Free’ version of the upcoming Community Membership.

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