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After 24 years of artistic hiatus, Horst Grabosch returns to the music business in 2020. Under the stage names Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts, Alexis Entprima and Captain Entprima, the former professional trumpeter is working his way into electronic music production. In 2022, his first book is published, followed by two more in the same year. With his socially critical and at the same time humorous song lyrics, and various philosophical blog articles, the musician turns more and more into a dazzling synthesis of the arts and soulseeker.

Spaceship Entprima and the music

I’m a real person on Earth and I made up the fictional ‘Spaceship Entprima’.
My collaborators are also fictional characters from the spaceship:

Alexis Entprima is an intelligent coffee machine in the spaceship’s dining room. Captain Entprima is my deputy on board the spaceship. Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts is the band on board.

Some earthlings call me weird, but what else can you be when you look at our ‘reality’.
My music is also fiction until you listen to it and enjoy it.

Horst Grabosch and his fiction 'Spaceship Entprima'

Storyteller in words and sound

The above title is certainly the best choice, if you want to reduce Horst Grabosch’s artist profile to a headline. When a burnout ended his first career as a musician, he asked himself for the first time what his variety of musical styles in which he worked professionally meant for his mission statement and his true talent. Unable to find an answer, he turned to a completely new field of work and retrained as an information technologist.

After his second burnout, he intensified his efforts to find an answer and began to write. Some insights into his unknown life drives emerged from these texts, but only the completion of his novel ‘Der Seele auf der Spur’ in 2021 brought the answer. His outstanding talent is his boundless imagination and the ability to bring the individual stories into an artistic form and connect them to a greater whole.

In this respect, the experiences from his earlier work as a musician in jazz, pop, classical music and theatre and later as an information technologist are the nourishment for his current work as a music producer and writer.

  • was born in 1956 in Wanne-Eickel/Germany
  • studied German, philosophy and musicology in Bochum and Cologne until 1979
  • graduated as an orchestral trumpet player from the Folkwang Academy of Music in Essen in 1984
  • worked as a freelance musician until 1997 and had to give up this profession after a burnout
  • retrained as an information technologist at Siemens-Nixdorf in Munich until 1999
  • worked as a freelance information technologist until 2019
  • produces electronic music since 2020  and writes all kinds of lyrics
  • lives in the south of Munich

Und auf einmal stand ich neben mir - Horst GraboschSeelewaschanlage - Horst GraboschTanze mit den Engeln - Horst Grabosch

‚DULAXI‘ (United Kingdom) about Horst Grabosch

Horst Grabosch, a talented artist from Germany, has taken a varied route in his career. Grabosch, born in Wanne-Eickel in 1956, developed a strong interest in music during his early years, which inspired him to further his education in German, philosophy, and musicology in Bochum and Cologne. In 1984, he completed his commitment and graduated as a trumpet player in an orchestra from the Folkwang Academy of Music in Essen. During the following decades, Grabosch began an impressive career as a professional trumpet player, playing all around the world and appearing at prestigious festivals, radio shows, and television programs.

His unconventional approach to music and life is evident in his creation of the fictional ‘Spaceship Entprima’ and its imaginative characters. Following burnout, he received training as an IT specialist at Siemens-Nixdorf in Munich, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his professional life. Although he shifted his focus, Grabosch’s love for creativity remained strong and he eventually started making electronic music in 2020. Currently located in the southern part of Munich, Grabosch is still innovating in his art, creating mesmerizing pieces that showcase his diverse influences and vast creativity.

'SONGLENS' (United Kingdom) about Horst Grabosch

From Brass to Beats: The Evolution of Horst Grabosch, a Electronic Dance Innovator

Veteran trumpeter turned electronic music savant, Horst Grabosch, is carving a distinctive niche in the electronic dance music scene under his dynamic alias, Alexis Entprima. Known for his methodical blend of experimental vigor and mainstream appeal, Grabosch brings his classical training and philosophical musings to the forefront of the dance floor.

Grabosch’s music is a tapestry of his extensive classical background, enriched by modern influences, particularly from the likes of Norwegian DJ Kygo. His compositions often explore profound themes, weaving the soulful into the synthetic.
From Brass to Beats: Initially a celebrated trumpet player, Grabosch boasts a prolific performance history with over 4,000 gigs across the globe, highlighting his deep-rooted musical expertise.
Crafting Tracks at Home Eschewing traditional studios, Grabosch’s living room serves as the birthplace of his electronic creations. This intimate production environment fosters a genuine connection with his music, allowing for undiluted personal expression and innovation.
Horst Grabosch is not just a musician but a continuing student of life and sound. His late career transition into electronic music is not just a change in genre but a reinvigoration of his artistic spirit. Through Alexis Entprima, he channels his seasoned musicianship into vibrant dance tracks that resonate with both energy and emotional depth.
In the landscape of electronic dance music, Grabosch stands out as a seasoned innovator, merging decades of musical prowess with the pulsating rhythms of modern dance music. His ongoing exploration into the integration of soulful reflections within the realm of electronic beats positions him as a compelling figure in the music industry, continually pushing the boundaries of what dance music can achieve.
Artificial-Soul - Horst Grabosch
Give You My Love - Horst Grabosch
Addictive Feelings - Horst Grabosch
Time for Serenity - Horst Grabosch
Made for Dancing - Horst Grabosch
Sincerely H.G. - Horst Grabosch
Far Beyond Understanding - Horst Grabosch & Captain Entprima
LUST - Horst Grabosch
Lofi Markets - Horst Grabosch
Spaceship Affairs - Horst Grabosch
Historic Moods - Horst Grabosch
Die Geschichte von Oberförster Karl-Heinz Flinte - Horst Grabosch
One More Night - Alexis Entprima, Horst Grabosch
Destiny Weaver - Horst Grabosch
After You Left Surprisingly - Horst Grabosch, Alexis Entprima
Tropical Fruit Mix - Horst Grabosch, Alexis Entprima
It's Raining in Strange Spaces - Horst Grabosch
Die Geschichte von Bademeister Adelwart - Horst Grabosch
Talk to Me - Horst Grabosch & Alexis Entprima
See You Again - Horst Grabosch, Alexis Entprima
Brasil-Night - Horst Grabosch & Alexis Entprima
Japanese-Breakfast - Horst Grabosch & Alexis Entprima
Die Geschichte von Krankenschwester Hildegard - Horst Grabosch
Easy - Horst Grabosch, Alexis Entprima
Ich bin der Barde deiner nie gerträumten Träume - Horst Grabosch
Der Preis des Wollens - Horst Grabosch
Christmas for Lunatics - Horst Graboscj
Heroes of the Night Shift - Horst Grabosch
Lullaby for a War Drone - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts
Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar - Horst Grabosch
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