Horst Grabosch

In 2021, the mastermind of Entprima decided to bundle his latest musical activities under his real name Horst Grabosch. The artist identities Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts, Alexis Entprima and Captain Entprima henceforth function as contributors and signposts for the different moods of the respective releases.

Horst Grabosch

Horst Grabosch

  • was born in 1956 in Wanne-Eickel/Germany
  • studied German, philosophy and musicology in Bochum and Cologne until 1979
  • graduated as an orchestral trumpet player from the Folkwang Academy of Music in Essen in 1984
  • worked as a freelance musician until 1997 and had to give up this profession after a burnout
  • retrained as an information technologist at Siemens-Nixdorf in Munich until 1999
  • worked as a freelance information technologist until 2019
  • produces electronic music since 2020  and writes all kinds of lyrics
  • is based in the south of Munich
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Storyteller in words and sound

If you want to reduce Horst Grabosch’s artist profile to a headline, the above title is certainly the best choice. When a burnout ended his first career as a musician, he asked himself for the first time what his variety of musical styles in which he worked professionally meant for his mission statement and his true talent. Unable to find an answer, he turned to a completely new field of work and retrained as an information technologist.

After his second burnout, he intensified his efforts to find an answer and began to write. Some insights into his unknown life drives emerged from these texts, but only the completion of his novel ‘Der Seele auf der Spur’ in 2021 brought the answer. His outstanding talent is his boundless imagination and the ability to bring the individual stories into an artistic form and connect them to a greater whole.

In this respect, the experiences from his earlier work as a musician in jazz, pop, classical music and theatre and later as an information technologist are the nourishment for his current work as a music producer and writer.



Newest Music

Horst Grabosch

Cuban Hope

Cuba is a politically torn country, but the people have preserved their dignity. With the help of Ry Cooder, who brought the old musicians back into the limelight with his project “Buena Vista Social Club”, the hope of preserving the cultural roots lives on.

Gospel Train

The song Gospel Train is not about religions, but about transcendence. People are searching for soul and inner peace.

Icy Days

Icy days describes the feeling on a clear but freezing cold day. Even the sound seems frozen, but you feel infinitely alive.