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Spaceship Diner Evolved

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol

Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

June 21, 2024
As we learnt from the author Horst Grabosch, these are the last two 'humanoid' productions of eclectic electronic music for the time being. In contrast to AI-supported music, this means that synthesisers were played manually, individual samples were processed and recorded human voices were used. The two songs on this single are based on tracks from the early days of the fantasy of the spaceship Entprima, supposedly produced 'on the fly' by the intelligent coffee machine in the ship's diner. The reissues show a clear development of the artist's personal style. Not only do they show even more profoundly the ambivalent emotions on board an Exodus spaceship, but the resulting bittersweet note is even more evident in the music. The songs are masterfully orchestrated and radiate a fragile and timeless beauty.

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