Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

After one year development the project Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts found it’s shape with engaged lyrics as focus. It developped from EDM with mashups and instrumentals to genre Singer-Songwriter with electronic sounds.

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol


With the Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts the comeback of the former jazz trumpeter Horst Grabosch began. Within one year the music developed rapidly. Eventually, the search for the artistic message in the new Entprima concept ended with three artist entities that were dedicated to the three goals: Respect – Prosperity – Serenity. The future releases of the cosmonauts correspond to the goal >


The Story

My comeback to the music business after 23 years began with the Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts in the summer of 2019 – it was a step into the unknown and was an entry from scratch. EDM seemed to be the right genre to start with, as the production of electronic music was the logical consequence after my first training as a musician and subsequently as an information technologist.

I urgently needed a mental framework for the beginning, and as a science fiction fan I decided to invent a “Spaceship Entprima” for my first musical story, in which people set off for new shores. When I saw that the story would consequently be endless in the context of a lifetime, I concluded this episode with a summary of the previous releases in the album “Dance Studies” and the EP “Spaceship Diner”.

The second story “From Ape to Human” was conceived as a dance drama for the stage. The story is actually a consequence of the findings of “Spaceship Entprima”. Here, too, the protagonists learn that the fantasy of setting off into space cannot be the solution to the current problems on earth. The intelligent coffee machine from “Spaceship Entprima” returns as AI Alexis, but has become far more intelligent.



The Story – Part II

In the dance drama “From Ape to Human” Alexis even takes over the command of the action and drastically shows people that they should be concerned about the present on earth instead of fantasizing about an exodus. 

In a way, the current state of my work is exactly the consequence of both stories. Step by step the “Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts” have developed into the genre “Elecronic Singer-Songwriter”, and with that I have made myself a singer.

Since the socially critical and passionate lyrics in the overall view absolutely need a counterweight, because they promote depression rather than joy of life, I have created two new artist profiles, which in the first case of “Captain Entprima” provide relaxation, and in the case of “Alexis Entprima”, as a degraded dance music producing coffee machine, which has joy of life as its focus.


Video from the beginning of my late comeback with a tune from my last release as a former jazz musician in 1989

Newest Music


Crazyplus Audiofile Disco 1981

This song is about disco music, which originated in the 70s and made a rapid triumphal march through dance clubs all over the world.

Heroicplus Audiofile Greenpeace 1971

Another title from the “Historic Moods” series. This song is about Greenpeace and the heroic actions of their activists.

Space Odyssey EJC-8D

A space odyssey is not a child’s birthday party. Infinite expanses are sometimes too much for our human minds.