Avoid Cable Cars to Mountain Peaks

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September 18, 2020

You are looking for the fastest way to your destination. But what happens if your real destination is on the footpath, but you don’t know it. Sometimes the effort is the means to the end.

This song is dedicated to the brave Belarus people – citizens of planet earth

Horst Grabosch

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol


There was written on a metal plate:
Top view on earth to love or hate

Ten minutes with the cable car
By foot maybe a little far

Hundred loops to reach the peak
Forgot sometimes what was my seek

I did the hike so fast and brave,
when I saw this was my grave

When I reached a sunny alm,
it was time to become calm

The shepherd there looked old and wild,
but he was still a little child.

He never reached the upper region,
because he didn’t see a reason

He will be taken up to higher grounds,
when he will hear the angel’s sounds

We listened to the wind and bells
far away from noise of hells

Then we simply forgot to die,
and later also to ask why

Fight for Empathy

After the story of “Spaceship Entprima” and the stage play “From Ape to Human”, the Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts were free for a new task. The decision was made for a permanent, socio-political task – the fight for more empathy in this world.

Empathy logically excludes racism, fascism, injustice, greed and all other evils of human behaviour. And when we speak of fight, we include determined resistance. We will not leave our children a world worth living in if we allow ourselves to fall permanently into romantic transfiguration or meditative retreat.

Nevertheless, every person needs a balance for his soul. If we respond to hate with hate, we will fail miserably. But we are many! If everyone does his part in daily life to improve the situation, we will win.

Make sure that you always remain powerful in your mission and avoid confrontations that harm your soul.



Poetry and Music

This is not a song in the conventional sense. It is rather poetry with music. In fact, there are already fans for this kind of poetry, and on Spotify, for example, there are some matching playlists.

But there the music is more like an acoustic bathtub for the speaker. The pattern is called “poetry = quiet sounds”. A bit simple for my taste. In my opinion the potential of the music is given away here to comment on the content of the text and not just to lay out an acoustic carpet.

Nevertheless our poetic song made it into one of the biggest of these playlists. We are happy about that.


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