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Avoid Cable Cars to Mountain Peaks

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Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

September 18, 2020
It is not a song in the conventional sense. It is rather poetry with music. In fact, there are already fans for this kind of poetry and on Spotify there are some suitable playlists. But there, the music is more like an acoustic bathtub for the speaker. The pattern is "poetry = soft sounds." A bit too simple for our taste. In our opinion, the potential of the music to comment on the content of the text and not just lay out an acoustic carpet is wasted here. Now to the meaning of the poem. Someone has a choice between a cable car to the top (the meaning of life) or a very arduous walk. The protagonist chooses the long walk, forgetting what he was actually looking for. He meets an alpine shepherd who rests in himself and together they find eternal life in silence. There is an English and a German version.
Tanze mit den Engeln - Horst Grabosch

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