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We are a family of individuals. Some are related by blood, others by soul. Our publications are the results of our professions and studies. Our shared passion is freedom of the mind and respect for difference. We vehemently oppose manipulation and oppression, and we talk about it. We come from the state of Germany on planet Earth and currently offer Music products, music performances, books, design, podcasts, videos.

Welcome at Entprima and let me be your guide

I am Horst Grabosch, the founder of Entprima. You’ve come to the right place, because this is the only place where you can consume all Entprima Publishing products and content – you can’t do that on YouTube, Spotify or any other platform. This is the one and only Entprima Publishing platform! Meanwhile, all platforms are starting to charge fees for the use of high-quality content because they are companies that need to refinance their costs. We have to do the same. That’s why there are memberships in the Entprima Community that unlock content. You can do this now or later here, once you’ve got an overview of what we offer – keep scrolling …

Music is our Passion

Music is not the only content we publish, but it is the most comprehensive collection to date. We present here all productions since 2010, the year Entprima was born. I myself have already produced a lot of music in my first music career, but this is not Entprima content. My own Entprima music from 2020 has found a very special way, which I call #3Musix. I present this section explicitly on the community pages.

Founder extended

Entprima Publishing also publishes texts. A book appeared back in 2009, which was later republished in a new version. This was joined by texts on the internet in the following years. In 2022, I caught the writing bug and we are currently about to publish the 5th and 6th books, with a new author joining us. All books are available as online texts in the members’ area and can be read in all languages thanks to our translation engine.

Captain Entprima

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