Captain Entprima

The development into an artistic entity is logical. Since within the new Entprima concept with the three goals: Respect – Prosperity – Serenity, three different music genres are also addressed, Captain Entprima was actually only considering the “Chill & Relax” area.

Captain Entprima Logo


Already in the fictional story of the Spaceship Entprima there was a “Captain E” who was responsible for the soul of the passengers. Later on, “Captain Entprima” was used as a stage name for the Entprima mastermind Horst Grabosch, and then developed into the current artist entity Captain Entprima.

The music corresponds to the Entprima goal >


Care about your balance

Relaxing Nature Scenes

Captain Entprima enriches sounds of nature with mystical, magical and majestic sounds. The ideal counterbalance to the stirring lyrics of Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts. It is always the balance between the poles of different aspects that leads you to serenity without ignorance.

Taste – Session – Expand

The releases are prepared for different session length.

  • Take a nap with only one tune/track.
  • Take a 10 minute session with playing a whole Three-Part-Release (best without random play).
  • Full Yoga or Meditation session with a Captain Entprima Chill-Playlist.




Serenity is often confused with indifference. A globally thinking, empathic person sees so much suffering on the planet that total despair threatens. But desperation does not help anybody one step further. The goal is powerful acting serenity.

What has developed in the time since the musical comeback of mastermind Horst Grabosch is of course also determined by chance. Nevertheless, the circles are closing in an astonishing way.

There are already hints in the preceding musical stories, but also the music developed in such a way that it results in an organic story. A stroke of luck for the creator of Entprima and a reason for the greatest humility towards the highest, unknown creator of the universe.



Newest Music


Sounds within Liquids

Created from a tiny cell, born in a liquid, we come into this world as children, and we leave our world as the same children. We need not be afraid, because we carry the beauty of creation within us.

Soul Purifying Wind

Hear and feel the wind that purifies the soul. Mixed with musical sounds that warm the heart.

The Blue Cavern

Feel the magic of a beautiful cave with the sound of dripping water and magical sounds.

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