#3Musix Space: Reflective Songs

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This compilation covers an entire creative phase of the Entprima mastermind Horst Grabosch. It was the beginning of his late vocation as a producer of electronic music. The music was integrated into a space fantasy in which an Exodus spaceship was supposed to be searching for a new habitat for humans. The names of the record label and of Horst’s former favourite genre and the theme gave rise to the name of the artist’s identity: ‘Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts’. Horst had spent the last few years before his retirement working as an information technologist and was therefore very familiar with computers. Nevertheless, familiarising himself with music production took a lot of effort and time. Therefore there are only a few songs from this time, but within the story the seed was planted not only for the following identities ‘Captain Entprima’ and ‘Alexis Entprima’ but also for his later work as a writer. – Estimated watchtime: 50 minutes.

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Captain Entprima

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