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From Ape to Human

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol

Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

October 16, 2020
This compilation is the audio version of the stage play of the same name by Horst Grabosch. Three young couples meet regularly for an evening of dancing, but the Covid pandemic throws a spanner in their works. The computer scientist Paul proposes to present his just finished coffee machine "Alexis", which he himself has equipped with artificial intelligence, on the planned evening of the dance meeting. Allegedly, the machine can produce music videos in the shortest possible time on a given theme. They agree on a plot that deals with the development of the ape into a human being. Normally, "Alexis" is supposed to follow the instructions of his humans, but "Alexis" turns the tables in the course of the evening. In ten danceable songs, "Alexis" tells his own story, which in the end blows up the company of the six friends, leaving the hosts pensive and doubtful.
The Singles

The audio version of the stage play contains 10 previously released singles, which are displayed here.

Sirtaki and Friendship and the Other Stuff

Sirtaki and Friendship and the Other Stuff - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

Star Dream Waltz

Star Dream Waltz - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

Euphoria of the Dawn

Euphoria-of-the-Dawn - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

Massive Space Shuffle

Massive Space Shuffle - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

Fake World

Fake World - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

Wormhole Transfer


Superhuman - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

Comeback of the Apes

Comeback of the Apes - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

The Bard of Lost Dreams

The Bard of Lost Dreams - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

Life Tastes Bitter Sweet

Life Tastes Bitter Sweet - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts

Captain Entprima

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Hosted by Horst Grabosch

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