#3Musix Space: From Ape to Human

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This stage play is about friendship, emotions and artificial intelligence. Technically speaking, it is a combination of analogue stagecraft and digital media technology. The scene is a young couple’s loft with almost cinema-like home entertainment equipment. On an area in front of the backdrop is a dance space for an analogue dance group dancing to music videos. Three couples who are friends meet for a cosy evening, during which the somewhat too intelligent multifunctional coffee machine ‘Alexis’ becomes the star of the evening and breaks up the small party. In the end, the jilted hosts have to realise that ‘Alexis’ obviously knows more about love and friendship than their overreacting friends. – Audio version without Dialogs – estimated watchtime 1 hour.

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Captain Entprima

Club of Eclectics
Hosted by Horst Grabosch

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