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August 15, 2020

An explosive mixture of relaxed summer atmosphere with a disturbing theme. While refugees fight for their lives in an inflatable boat, holidaymakers enjoy the summer on the island. The Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts strike a new path with this and the previous single. It’s about keeping a constant eye on the problems on our earth without taking away the joy of life which ultimately gives the strength to resist.

This song is dedicated to the brave Syrian people – citizens of planet earth

Horst Grabosch

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol


International organizations are concerned about the fate of dozens of refugees whose rubber dinghy has been missing in the Mediterranean since the weekend. The boat has apparently capsized.

According to the German sea rescue organisation Sea Watch, 85 people were presumably on the dinghy. Sea Watch as well as United4Rescue, also a German organization, said they had sighted this boat and three other refugee boats in distress off the southern coast of Malta over the weekend.

Look at the dinghy dancing on the waves
The people on board are waving both arms – let’s wave back
Remember to protect your sensitive skin from the sun
It’s so beautiful in summer on the island

It is summer on the island and the sun is shining hot
All the children on the playground have the right origin spot
Parents laugh about the dinghy dancing wildly on the waves,
but wish warmly all the best to the plucky fighting braves

I wonder how long it would take to get from mainland to here in a dinghy
You’ll need a motor, won’t you?
Let’s play with the ball
I’ll throw it and you catch it

It is summer on the island and the sun is shining hot
All the children on the playground have the right origin spot
Parents laugh about the dinghy dancing wildly on the waves,
but wish warmly all the best to the plucky fighting braves

Feel how hot the sand is
Tonight we will have cold drinks
I am feeling so good!

Fight for Empathy

After the story of “Spaceship Entprima” and the stage play “From Ape to Human”, the Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts were free for a new task. The decision was made for a permanent, socio-political task – the fight for more empathy in this world.

Empathy logically excludes racism, fascism, injustice, greed and all other evils of human behaviour. And when we speak of fight, we include determined resistance. We will not leave our children a world worth living in if we allow ourselves to fall permanently into romantic transfiguration or meditative retreat.

Nevertheless, every person needs a balance for his soul. If we respond to hate with hate, we will fail miserably. But we are many! If everyone does his part in daily life to improve the situation, we will win.

Make sure that you always remain powerful in your mission and avoid confrontations that harm your soul.



The Problem of Refugees is Still Burning

The suggestion for the song came with a short message in the news that another rubber dinghy with refugees had capsized in the Mediterranean and many dead were expected.

While the cruel images of the suffering peoples had burned deep into my soul, the news degenerated into a marginal note in times of Corona. But the problem still burns on the skin, and will not disappear so quickly as long as despots of poor countries are kept in power by great powers to maintain influence in the region. There is no good or bad in this cynical game, only governments that evade the will of their people. In election campaigns, they repeatedly stir up mutual hatred among the peoples of planet Earth in order to take power as victors.

While this unfortunately still works well, the silent majority of people misses to prepare the next generations for a peaceful world. I am convinced that this will only happen through a change of consciousness about the threatening situation of mankind through environmental destruction and political ignorance with a long breath of reason.

As an artist, I feel called upon to help prepare this path. I don’t want to keep delving into the description of emotional problems, or make problem-free art just because it is successful. Yes, relaxing music or dance music can be helpful for the joy of life. But the permanent fading out of the big problems from the field of vision will be fatal in the end.


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