LUST (Book)

Jan 7, 2023 | Books

Anyone who has already read texts by Horst Grabosch will suspect that this "music book" is about much more than music. The attentive observer will find cross-references to the dilemma of world events in every detail. The author's son hands him twelve instrumental drafts of songs from his aborted career as a pop musician with the words: "Maybe you can still do something with this. The music triggers emotional memories in the late writer and music producer. Via photos that reflect his emotional state, the old master feels his way to stories that he then tells - musically and in this book also in words. LUST is full of interesting glimpses behind the scenes of artistic creativity and musicological terminology. The aim of the book is to develop more desire for art and life from the information.
Entprima auf Amazon kaufen
Entprima auf Amazon kaufen

Books by Horst Grabosch are written and published in his mother tongue, German. For some books there are translations by Entprima Publishing, which are exclusively available for  members of the Community. This Book contains poems which cannot be translated. Translated parts are linked to our community content.

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