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“Why” is a question that is often asked, but rarely answered. I want to give it a try here. The whole question could be: “Why does this book exist? Photos and music – or art in general – should speak for themselves, shouldn’t they?”. Let’s imagine a visit to a large museum. Visual art from several centuries is offered to us in great abundance – a great challenge even for art connoisseurs. To help us, we are offered guided tours – perhaps even with a thematic focus that deliberately reduces the range on offer. If we go along with the group as a fly on the wall, we might hear this comment on the art guide’s explanations: “But that’s interesting!”
And that’s exactly the point. Nobody has an interest in convincing you of the quality of a work against your spontaneous reaction. After all, there is no objective quality standard for art. If such standards are formulated here and there, then they should only ever be seen as aids, and they can also be quite contradictory.
The verbal or literary reception of art is an attempt to open your mind to things that would perhaps remain hidden from you forever in everyday life. Perhaps a deeper insight will even give you more pleasure. And this book aims to do just that. I would like to make it easier for you to access the photos and the music by describing once again what you can actually see and hear. I will also briefly describe the process of creating each individual song and the thoughts that went through my head before, during and after the creative process. The motivation for this arose from the observation that the enormously increasing flood of information is devouring our attention to detail. I see this as a great danger, which makes us even more susceptible to manipulation of all kinds in our search for pleasure. – Audios plus text – estimated watchtime 2 hours.

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