Brasil Night

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June 9, 2023
"Brasil Night" comes across as kind of sad, although it has a rhythmic deep house base with gritty grooves. The glossy tourist advertising makes especially the beaches of Rio shine as a place of joie de vivre. And indeed, the song "The Girl from Ipanema" is quoted somewhat strangely in the production. As if Grabosch had foreseen it, the performer Astrud Gilberto of the legendary song by Antônio Carlos Jobim died 3 days before the release of Brasil Night. And suddenly the song gets a whole new twist when you know how badly Gilberto was criticized by the Barzilian press and how shabbily she was treated by the music producers. And just as suddenly we realize what a great artist Grabosch is. His profound message of soul is hidden in seemingly innocuous pop songs. Every song hides some musical irritation that doesn't fit into the mainstream. Yet it is never difficult to simply enjoy the music.

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