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Artificial Soul Evolved

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Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

May 31, 2024
Now that Horst Grabosch has announced the end of his work as a music producer, there are apparently a few more finished stragglers to follow. Or is it something completely different? If we analyse the songs on this EP stylistically, we do indeed recognise some musical deviations from all the other songs he has produced, which do not appear to be eclectic in nature. The themes fit in with his writing and one could surmise that these are artificial intelligence productions. The title of the EP 'Artificial Soul Evolved' also gives an indication of this, as the producer bluntly admitted on the previous album 'Artificial Soul' that artificial intelligence was used in the production. As if he had foreseen the development, a few years ago he introduced the intelligent coffee machine 'Alexis Entprima' into his accompanying story of the 'Spaceship Entprima' and indeed, in other releases we find references to the udio AI platform and his theory that artificial intelligence productions by no means have to be soulless. We can assume that the former IT professional is perfectly capable of giving the AI targeted commands that result in personalised songs. Judge yourself!

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