And suddenly I was beside myself

Jul 7, 2023 | Books

A poetry album of a special kind. Joachim Ringelnatz and Robert Gernhardt may have been the godfathers, but then everything turned out quite differently. Music producer and writer Horst Grabosch combines poetry and music in many ways. He sets his poems to music or writes perfectly rhymed song lyrics. Then there are the tender, spiritual texts complementary to meditative music. Therefore, parts of this book can not only be read, but also listened to if necessary. In addition, there are also the biting poems, humorous crudities or even melancholic texts that have nothing to do with music at all. A colourful mixture of the passionate soulseeker.
Entprima auf Amazon kaufen
Entprima auf Amazon kaufen

Books by Horst Grabosch are written and published in his mother tongue, German. For some books there are translations by Entprima Publishing, which are exclusively available for  members of the Community. This Book contains poems which cannot be translated. Translated parts are linked to our community content.

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