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Addictive Feelings

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol

Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

March 29, 2024
Horst Grabosch has audibly arrived in his very own style of high-quality pop music. Thematically, however, the soul-seeker always remains true to himself. Unfulfilled longings seem to have cast a spell over him but somehow he manages to ensure that it never becomes too dramatic and remains danceable pop. The fact that elements from long-gone pop history appear should be a matter of course for an experienced artist.

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In the dynamic realm of music, where every chord has the potential to awaken the soul, emerges an artist whose talent and expertise serve as a beacon of creative excellence. With a career shaped by years of dedication and honed by countless performances, this virtuoso embodies the essence of musical storytelling. His latest work, “Addictive Feelings”, is a testament to his artistic genius, showcasing his ability to create melodies that resonate deeply with listeners.

“Addictive Feelings” transcends the boundaries of simple music, transforming itself into a transformative experience that takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery. From its opening notes to its poignant finale, the song captivates with its irresistible charm and emotional depth. The title itself hints at the song’s bewitching appeal, drawing listeners into its embrace and inviting them to explore the subtleties of their own emotions.

A striking feature of this artist’s work is his harmonious fusion of diverse musical influences, creating a sound that is both eclectic and uniquely his own. By blending elements of Latin rhythms, world music and contemporary pop, he creates a soundscape rich in texture and complexity. In “Addictive Feelings”, this fusion is particularly striking, with each instrument and arrangement contributing to the song’s overall impact.

Yet the most remarkable aspect of this artist’s repertoire is his talent for storytelling. Through his lyrics, he paints vivid portraits of love, desire and the human experience, captivating audiences with his evocative images and heartfelt tales. From the hopeful optimism of “Cuban Hope” to the mystical allure of “Mystic Land”, his songs resonate on a deeply personal level, leaving an indelible impression on all who hear them.

As the last notes of “Addictive Feelings” fade away, you can’t help but marvel at the artistry of this singular talent. With each new release, he pushes the boundaries of his art, challenging himself and his audience to explore new horizons. And as his music continues to inspire and captivate audiences the world over, it’s clear that his legacy will endure for generations.


Horst Grabosch’s latest single “Addictive Feelings” is a testament to his expertise in music and storytelling. The track, recorded in his living room, showcases his unique blend of high-quality pop music with a touch of nostalgia.

Through his fictional band, Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts, Grabosch weaves a tale of unfulfilled longings and soul-searching, all while maintaining a danceable pop vibe. Drawing from his 25-year career as a professional trumpeter, Grabosch infuses elements from various genres and styles into his music, creating a sound that is both familiar and fresh.

Despite the seemingly harmless pop guise, Horst’s music delves deep into themes of personal reflection and emotional depth.

With a history of over 4,000 gigs worldwide, including festivals, radio features, and TV appearances, Grabosch’s experience shines through in his latest single, promising a captivating listening experience for fans of innovative pop music. So be sure to check out the song below.


The experienced German musician Horst Grabosch has released a series of great albums and singles since 2021, consolidating his name among pop music lovers. He has always been talented and creative, both musically and lyrically, and on March 29 he presented his newest single, “Addictive Feelings”

Betting on pop, but mixing the style with elements of electronic music, Horst delivers a song that transmits energy and vigor, as well as melodies capable of involving and winning over the listener from the first listen. The song stands out mainly for the quality of its beats, melodies and arrangements, which show strength and make an impact, something that is sorely lacking these days, while the vocals, which make great use of effects, make the song even more full-bodied.

The fact that “Addictive Feelings” brings together much of the best that pop has to offer is undoubtedly very striking, but at no time does it sound like an emulation of other artists. On the contrary, Horst Grabosch is very original.

Addictive Feelings is now available to listen to on the main music streaming platforms and can be heard here, below, from its link on Spotify. Be sure to check out this great hit.

'EDM RKORDS' (United Kingdom/U.S.A.)

Horst Grabosch has just dropped a new track called “Addictive Feelings” that’ll take you on a journey. With over 20 years of making music, Horst Grabosch knows how to write catchy pop songs that get stuck in your head. But he’s also great at exploring deeper feelings below the surface shine of dance songs.

A feeling of enigmatic fascination captivates you. Thick distortion covering the voices gives the register an unearthly aspect as they float over the top. They are so deep that it feels like they are speaking to you from the bottom of a well, their voice resonating up from the shadowy depths.

The thumping percussion beat goes into overdrive as the music gains intensity. The song has a relentless punch that is driven forward by a surge of percussion and hi-hats. Layered sound effects, from shimmering highs to rumbling low ends, envelop you in soundscapes that are luxurious and beautiful. However, the real power driving the music is the voice effects. It’s an audio barrier created with precision by a seasoned pop writer who is well-versed in all the techniques.

With “Addictive Feelings” Horst Grabosch totally tricks you. One moment, euphoric bliss transports you to Clubland nirvana. Throbbing beats and swirls of melody lift you higher on waves of ecstasy. Then suddenly, the floor gives way beneath you and you are thrown back to planet Earth.

The production shows off Horst Grabosch’s skills and experience that he can craft such a complex sonic narrative under the guise of an engaging dance track. It’s no surprise that Grabosch has been plying his trade on stages worldwide for over two decades. He understands the art of storytelling as keenly as any novelist, using sound and rhythm as his literary tools.

With “Addictive Feelings,” Horst Grabosch has delivered a masterclass in subverting expectations. What begins as a deceptively simple club banger soon reveals its depths, taking the listener on a mesmerizing rollercoaster. It’s a well-rounded pop gem that deserves repeat spins to uncover new wonders. Consider us hooked. We will be keeping a close eye on whatever comes next from this musical sorcerer.

Be sure to follow Horst Grabosch on your preferred social platform to stay up to date on his upcoming releases. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and get lost in the depths of music by streaming “Addictive Feelings.” You may find it’s an addiction you have no desire to kick.


Sailing the infinite seas of the imaginary, Horst Grabosch and his fictional crew aboard the ‘Spaceship Entprima’ offer the world “Addictive Feelings”, a hymn to the deepest stirrings of being. In a universe where fiction meets reality in an ethereal dance, Grabosch, with a 25-year career as a professional trumpeter, transcends genres and eras to invite us on a journey to the heart of our unfulfilled desires.

Addictive Feelings” is not just a melody, it’s a journey through musical galaxies, where every note resonates like an echo from the far reaches of the universe. The rave review in ‘Good Music Radar’ confirms this: “Listening to it, you feel as if you’re traversing different galaxies and dance wavelengths. One moment you’re in synthwave heaven, the next you’re on a disco dance floor. And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, a dynamic rock frame crushes you, which Horst balances with a dubstep moment. He doesn’t just cross stylistic worlds. But also temporal: retro, contemporary, futuristic.”

Recorded in Grabosch’s living room, this work is the fruit of a boundless imagination, where Alexis Entprima, an intelligent coffee machine, and Captain Entprima, his on-board deputy, play key roles in this musical saga. “Addictive Feelings” is a celebration of the searching soul, yearning for more, in an eternal quest for satisfaction and fulfillment.

Horst Grabosch himself, in a burst of wisdom, shares: “Desire is one of the strongest emotions. As a highly experienced and well-trained music professional, I believe in my abilities as a musician and storyteller. It’s hard to establish artistic ideas, even if they come in a seemingly innocuous pop guise.”

“Addictive Feelings” reminds us that music, in all its splendor and diversity, is a universal language, capable of crossing dimensions and reaching the soul. In this burst of nostalgia and innovation, Horst Grabosch proves that music is much more than a collection of notes: it’s a window onto the infinite, a bridge between worlds, an eternal testimony to the complexity and beauty of human existence.

‚DULAXI‘ (United Kingdom)

Horst Grabosch Unveils ‘Addictive Feelings’: An Intimate And Hauntingly Beautiful Creation

Horst Grabosch, a talented artist from Germany, has taken a varied route in his career. Grabosch, born in Wanne-Eickel in 1956, developed a strong interest in music during his early years, which inspired him to further his education in German, philosophy, and musicology in Bochum and Cologne. In 1984, he completed his commitment and graduated as a trumpet player in an orchestra from the Folkwang Academy of Music in Essen. During the following decades, Grabosch began an impressive career as a professional trumpet player, playing all around the world and appearing at prestigious festivals, radio shows, and television programs.

His unconventional approach to music and life is evident in his creation of the fictional ‘Spaceship Entprima’ and its imaginative characters. Following burnout, he received training as an IT specialist at Siemens-Nixdorf in Munich, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his professional life. Although he shifted his focus, Grabosch’s love for creativity remained strong and he eventually started making electronic music in 2020. Currently located in the southern part of Munich, Grabosch is still innovating in his art, creating mesmerizing pieces that showcase his diverse influences and vast creativity.

Horst Grabosch’s “Addictive Feelings” doesn’t come from a sophisticated studio but from the genuine atmosphere of his living room, where the track was captured. Understanding the essence of the song relies heavily on this particular environment; it serves as a place of comfort and intimate connection, allowing the artist’s genuine emotions to be expressed without hindrance. The song, which was released on March 29th, 2024, marks a major achievement in Grabosch’s music career. It signifies the moment when he has unmistakably reached his unique form of top-notch pop music, a form that is exclusively his own, free from the norms and formulas of the mainstream music scene.

The song begins with a melodic female voice, foreshadowing the sounds that will follow. This gentle yet powerful voice calls the listener into a world envisioned by Grabosch’s creativity. The voice is supported by a delicate sound, almost tender, yet it carries a rhythm that is certainly captivating. The beats intertwine with the melodies, forming a mesmerizing and calming auditory experience. This initial part is a careful balance of vocals and beat, establishing the tone for a track that is just as much about feelings as it is about music.

The male vocal comes in at the 0:08 second point, but it is not singing. Instead, it communicates by repeating the words “Give me that, give me that.” This repetition is integral to the structure of the song, embodying the essence of addiction as the constant craving for more. The unconventional spoken-word style is a perfect fit for the song, adding raw emotion and urgency that singing may not capture.

The male voice continues to reveal the story in a distinct way. The manner in which words are presented, not just the words themselves, conveys the story. This delivery method fosters a feeling of closeness, as though the artist is communicating directly with the audience. The extra background vocals enhance the story and give a feeling of depth to the words spoken with their harmonious support.

The male lead singer, along with the backing vocals and occasional female voice, blend harmoniously to create a hauntingly beautiful harmony that enhances the overall impact of the song. The harmonies are complex, intertwining with each other, forming a intricate tapestry of sound.

The instrumental accompaniment supporting the singing is equally impressive. The entire track is supported by a catchy, rhythmic beat that emanates a subtle groovy essence, which cannot be overlooked. It’s the type of rhythm that deeply affects you, urging you to sway along. The instruments are skillfully created to give “Addictive Feelings” a captivating vibe that captures true connection with the audience.

Recording “Addictive Feelings” in Grabosch’s living room gives the music a personal touch that is frequently absent in most commercially produced music. It serves as a note that wonderful art can be produced in any place, regardless of how humble the surroundings may be. The personal element is present in each melody of “Addictive Feelings,” transforming it into a song that is not only heard but felt.

To wrap up, “Addictive Feelings” is not simply a song, but a true experience. Horst Grabosch welcomes listeners to his realm, providing a sneak peek into the artistic process that motivates his creativity. The song showcases the ability of pop music to grow and mesmerize, serving as a prime display of Grabosch’s skill and creativity. If you haven’t listened to it yet, make sure to give this song a try and get ready to be drawn in by its addictive charm.

‚TOP MUSIC‘ (United Kingdom)

From the heart of Germany’s Penzberg, Horst Grabosch is commanding attention with his singular brand of electronic music. “Addictive Feelings” resonates with an immersive blend of EDM and melodic craftsmanship that mirrors the giants of the genre, such as Martin Garrix and Tiësto. With a foundation in electronic and a splash of house, this track is setting a standard for the indie scene, bolstered by rich, resonating male vocals that rival the most illustrious of dance hits.

PopHits.Co hails his artistry: “Horst Grabosch doesn’t just create beats; he weaves tapestries of sound that envelop the soul.” It’s no overstatement—every element of “Addictive Feelings” is engineered to contribute to an intricate, expansive aural landscape. His approach is a leftfield nod to traditional EDM, a genre repeatedly revitalized by such inventive minds.

Dive into the auditory elegance that is Horst Grabosch on your favourite streaming services. Explore his website, lose yourself in his Spotify repertoire, follow his latest updates on Facebook and TikTok, enjoy his eclectic vibes on SoundCloud, and watch his visionary music videos on YouTube. Like and listen to our specially curated playlist, where “Addictive Feelings” stands as a beacon of electro innovation.


Exploring Addictive Feelings, A Musical Journey with Horst Grabosch

“Addictive Feelings” by Horst Grabosch is a captivating blend of electronic and live elements that creates a rich and immersive sonic experience. The song starts with a pulsating rhythm that immediately grabs your attention, setting the stage for what’s to come. As the track progresses, layers of synths and guitars intertwine, building a sense of momentum and energy.

One of the standout features of “Addictive Feelings” is its dynamic arrangement. Horst seamlessly transitions between different musical styles and moods, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish. From the dreamy melodies of the verses to the explosive chorus, each section of the song offers something new and exciting.

Lyrically, “Addictive Feelings” explores the theme of longing and desire, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences of yearning and passion. Horst’s emotive vocals convey a sense of vulnerability and intensity, drawing the listener into the emotional core of the song.  “Addictive Feelings” is a masterclass in modern pop production, showcasing Horst Grabosch’s talent for crafting infectious melodies and captivating arrangements. Whether you’re a fan of electronic music or live instrumentation, this song has something for everyone, making it a must-listen for music lovers of all ages.

‚SPACE SOUR‘ (United Kingdom)

Let’s now fly to one of our favorite countries for electronic music. Of course, we are talking about Germany, and today we are showcasing an incredible artist called Horst Grabosch. He recently released a track called Addictive Feelings. That’s an electronic track that takes inspiration from many different genres. The instrumentation blinks at genres like progressive house and chill house. The track is full of ear candies and an incredibly cinematic sound design topical in the leftfield genre. Finally, the vocals add that catchiness you can find in dance music and electro pop hits. That’s an eclectic track you should save on your playlists right now.


Horst Grabosch Will Make Your Feet Move With His Addictive Feelings

Horst Grabosch is a Germany, Penzberg-based artist who is known for his musical pieces that sound like something pulled right out of a dream. He creates music that is unique and you will surely love his work if you love to listen to music that is innovative and new. Do give this amazing artist a go, you’ll be carried to a whole new realm of reality with his intricate musical details that touch the deepest parts of the listener’s soul.

I recently came across this unique artist through his release, “Addictive Feelings” which is a track that will get you dancing instantly. The track bends the lines of genres creating a vibe that is something extraterrestrial. The musical elements are chosen perfectly to create the perfect setting for the track. The heavily processed vocals will make you forget everything about your day, enchanting you in an everlasting spell. This is surely one of the best tracks in his discography and my personal favourite. Spin this track if you want to let go off all your worries and dance to the rhythms. Horst Grabosch beautifully weaves magic into his track and sprinkles them with stardust.

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