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January 18, 2022
All tunes on that compilation are composed and produced by Horst Grabosch. Sincerely H.G. is a compilation of favorite tunes.
Horst Grabosch


Hello listeners, this is Horst Grabosch with one of his favourite machine voices. Welcome to my second compilation of songs that came out between 2019 and 2021.

This is a mixture of songs that were written for different reasons.   “The Bard of Lost Dreams” was written many years before in the darkest hours of my life, and was produced in 2020. I still don’t know who the I in the lyrics is supposed to be. The story of “Field of Love” is also older, but was only set to music in 2021.

Three socio-political songs follow. “Summer on the Island” deals with the problem of migration and “The Ways We Go” describes the situation of South African miners. The song even made it into the South African iTunes charts. Finally, “I Wonder How Strong I Could Be” is about the production of cheap mass fashion.

Making of


When I sorted all my songs released between 2019 and 2021 into themes, some were left over. These songs are little stories that stand on their own. Nevertheless, there are some connections in these songs. For example, there was a phase in which I wrote mainly socially critical songs. They were about human arrogance, unfair working conditions and other things.

On these recordings I sing myself, although I have never appeared publicly as a singer. Please note that although I sometimes used sound manipulation of the voice, I never used intonation corrections such as autotune.

And this attitude stands for my entire late work. I have bravely resisted the cravings for perfection in recent music production. The tracks sound the way they are supposed to sound. I’m not interested in the mainstream. Although I have familiarised myself intensively with all production tools, my ears are still the most reliable measuring instruments, and soul is always more important to me than perfection.

Selected Song