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Far Beyond Understanding

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol

Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

June 23, 2023
From his books we know that Horst Grabosch is intensively engaged in the search for the soul. It is natural that this is also reflected in all his songs. Now here is a musical statement explicitly dedicated to the search for the soul. The author and composer uses all his knowledge of musical mechanisms to create a work that is as emotional as it is logical. Each track is worth listening to on its own, but in running through the entire album, together with the well-chosen and poetic titles of the tracks, a journey into the life of the soul unfolds, which is more than soothing background music for a meditation exercise. It is itself an acoustic meditation exercise. Whether you are spiritually inclined or not doesn't matter with the music. Through skillfully applied psychoacoustic effects, you will inevitably be drawn into a world of wonder, far beyond comprehension. Listening with headphones enhances the pleasure.

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