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February 8, 2022
The last compilation with songs by Horst Grabosch, thematically summarizing works from 2019 to 2021. The motto of this compilation is "Time for Serenity".
Horst Grabosch


Here is Horst Grabosch with one of his favourite machine voices. The artist unit Captain Entprima is the focus of this compilation.

The Captain is a character from my space stories and is supposed to provide music for the peace of mind of the space travellers. The songs are taken from three EP’s with the themes of cave, wind and deep sea. In addition, there are two meditative tracks from a series with psychoacoustic effects. As contrasts to the meditative sounds, I have included four songs, each telling contrasting stories on the theme of serenity in life.

The titles Superhuman, Comeback of the Apes and Fake World are from the stage play From Ape to Human and have human vanity as their overriding theme.

I wish you a lot of fun listening and serenity in your life.

Making of


After 2 years of releases under the artist identities Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts, Alexis Entprima and Captain Entprima, I felt the need to let the creator of all the songs become personally visible.

“Time for Serenity” is the last compilation from this series. Captain Entprima was the artist identity intended for the genre “Ambient”, and in the end, logically, all Captain Entprima’s compositions appear here. Contrarily, I have included 3 titles by the Cosmonauts, whose lyrics have human vanity in common, or in the case of “Comeback of the Apes” address uncontrolled human urges.

Serenity seems to me to be the basis for overcoming the ongoing conflict between animal instinct and human intellect. The fight will keep us busy for a while, and also plays a major role in the development of artificial intelligence. How are we to reconcile our emotions with the rapid advances of science in recent decades? The addiction to simplification is becoming stronger and stronger, which can also be seen in the reception of art.

My decision to create music that builds on familiar listening patterns while opening horizons with surprising elements is a harmonizing contribution to a contemporary dilemma that fuels mental illness on a scale never seen before.

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