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Tanze mit den Engeln - Horst Grabosch

Artificial Soul

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol

Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

May 6, 2024
'Artificial Soul' - a programmatic title in times of dramatic developments in artificial intelligence. Well, we are used to Grabosch working at the cutting edge at any age. We already know 9 songs from single releases, but the previously unreleased opening song 'Dance With the Angels' really packs a punch. In 3 minutes, the writer and music producer briefly turns all conventional notions of the soul on their head and demystifies the soul as a haven of unity. It is no coincidence that the song has the same title as his recently published book, where philosophy, music, poetry, politics and everyday stories come together to create an almost intoxicating cocktail of insights. The unpretentious artist himself notes that all the songs were created with the support of AI. This album really is a warning to all musicians who believe that they occupy a special position simply by 'owning' the soul.
Captain Entprima

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