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June 7, 2022
We are somewhere in South America. People are coming together for a garden party with barbecue and dancing. All worries are forgotten for one evening.
Horst Grabosch


This song contains beautiful voices but they are mostly of onomatopoetic nature with some rare words.

Making of


At the end of 2021, my son Moritz sent me unreleased house tracks he had produced before his temporary departure from the music business. He told me that he often had them running while doing desk work. Maybe I would have an idea to work out the songs to something new.

For my taste, they were little stories, but they weren’t told. Also, James Last and the history of the Easy Listening genre came to mind. I took the first track and let my imagination run wild. An atmospheric photo to go with the music seemed like a fitting inspiration boost.

Thus was born the method for working out the song stories, which I kept with all 12 tracks I received.

The base track for Happy Fiesta was already a Latin American house track. I had the idea of a barbecue somewhere in South America. When I found the right photo, most of the work was already done. Barbecues are usually a male theme – especially in Latin American societies. That’s why I chose only male voices. This song is meant to convey pure fun. Of course, the men want to impress the women and encourage them to dance.

Selected Song