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March 7, 2021

This song is reminiscent of the great era of reggae and Bob Marley, as well as the Rastafarian religion, which was founded as early as 1930, but only became known worldwide through Bob Marley and reggae.

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Coordinates of the place: 17.984172 Latitude, -76.805752 Longitude

The first stoner generation set out on the path to enlightenment, while the war generation still waved their crutches threatening

Then, some years after Bob Marley’s death, drunken Bacardi yuppies jumped off yachts into the waters of the Caribbean to the smoothed-out soundtrack of the stoners

The foul smell of happiness was always in the air, but the truth defiantly continued to make its way

5 decades time shift to recording year 2021

Making of


One day I was studying the characteristics of reggae and there was no way around Bob Marley. I realised that the spirit of the songs was much more important than the rather plain musical style. With this realisation it was also clear that I could never write or produce authentic reggae in my life. As so often in my historical research, I discovered a bunch of lies that came along with the legend. Over time, the authentic power of the music sank into a consumable mash of emotional templates. 

Then I discovered the similarity in the rehashing with the attempt to approach traditional Christmas songs last year. And the idea of a series based on my song “Emotionplus Audiofile X-mas 1960” was born. The idea is not to mock the emotions aroused in the listener of the original, but to make them truer through critical lyrics. The quoted songs are not to be copied, but responsibly incorporated with my own authenticity.

The audiofiles are masquerading as a contemporary historical documentary, but are rather reminiscent of emotional patterns of songs or music genres and interpret them in a contemporary style. Moreover, the lies of the emotional patterns in the seemingly documentary lyrics are exposed, but without destroying the emotional mood of the music. Suggestively, the song “No Women, No Cry” is quoted in this case.

Fight for Empathy

After the story of “Spaceship Entprima” and the stage play “From Ape to Human”, the Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts were free for a new task. The decision was made for a permanent, socio-political task – the fight for more empathy in this world.

Empathy logically excludes racism, fascism, injustice, greed and all other evils of human behaviour. And when we speak of fight, we include determined resistance. We will not leave our children a world worth living in if we allow ourselves to fall permanently into romantic transfiguration or meditative retreat.

Nevertheless, every person needs a balance for his soul. If we respond to hate with hate, we will fail miserably. But we are many! If everyone does his part in daily life to improve the situation, we will win.

Make sure that you always remain powerful in your mission and avoid confrontations that harm your soul.

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