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A deeper understanding of Horst Grabosch’s music enhances the enjoyment of the art. To this end, we have illuminated the approach of his seemingly harmless pop music of his latest music career with the twists and turns that are irritating for occasional listeners here with the most important theses of his philosophy regarding music. All music written and produced by Horst Grabosch. If you stop a piece of music in progress, you will be recognised as a ‘sleeper’ and removed from the game. More information on this in the upcoming book ‘Dance with the Angels’.

Uniformity sedates the mind
In order to meet the challenges of peaceful globalisation, every citizen of the earth must optimise the performance of his or her mind and constantly make conscious decisions. For this, the mind must open the door to the soul, which shines through fullness and not through uniformity.

We must avoid addiction
Addiction has many manifestations. Only through mindfulness and opening to the unfamiliar can we learn to appreciate alternatives. It is not the drug that creates the addiction, but the comfort and/or overload of our mind.

An alert mind requires effort

Simplicity begins at the end of a chain of thought in detail. If you want simplicity at the beginning for convenience, you have to trust masterminds. They often abuse their power to make you dependent. In this way you become the plaything of other interests.

Mainstream meals maybe have delicious spices, but ...
Mainstream music is usually calculating and exclusionary. It relies on tried and tested soul patterns that diffuse into your mind. They make you believe that they are your own patterns. So you become addicted because the meal tastes good to you.

My music wants to introduce you to unfamiliar spices

I do not want to frighten you, but to take you by the hand and carefully show you the fullness of the universal musical soul. In the many years of my life as a professional musician, I have been able to taste many musical spices – why don’t you try them?

Everything is connected to everything else

Maybe you don’t see the connection between world peace and music, but I say to you: “In the last instance, it’s all about principles. Diversity is a principle and sensing and enjoying diversity is a principle of peace.”

Music cannot explain everything
Absolutely! Music is a limited playing field. I can’t express everything that occupies me with music. That’s why I write books, but they speak for themselves. Because I am an artist, I would also paint and perform other arts if I had enough time. But as one of my songs says: “Life Is Not Endless My Dear”.

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