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November 24, 2021

Midnight Rumbler is similar to the Deep House genre. But since the music-producing coffee machine Alexis has very curious qualities, it spices up the song with unexpected twists. In addition, Alexis’ story shows tendencies to process human emotions. This time it is the mood of a sleepless night, where anxiety-filled sounds are interrupted by a hopeful passage of light.

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Spotify Playlist – Global Prosperity

It’s all right. We dance on the beach, or enjoy life in some other way. It’s all good. Or maybe not everything?

Playlist Prosperity - Alexis Entprima

Making of


Sometimes a song from a certain genre fascinates me, but I can’t really see a need for me to use the elements from that music. Then there are those days of curiosity where I do try out a sound from it.

As a rule, I always trigger a flood of images that arise in my head. That’s what happened with this song. I had already forgotten what the genre was called, because there are now more music genres than grains of sand on the beach, but after the song was finished, my children told me that it had something to do with “Deep House”.

Well, I don’t really care how it’s classified. The story is more important to me. Anyway, it became a song about sleepless nights when hidden fears haunt us. The first version of the song left it at that, but I had a compelling feeling that hope needed to be added to keep the balance. That’s why in the finished song there is the light of the city with its people, which fixes the loneliness.

Easy Listening

There is a long tradition of the genre “Easy Listening”. It originated in the 1950s when some great band leaders used the sound of big bands for simple arrangements of evergreens to reach a larger audience.

Prime examples are the arrangements of James Last, Bert Kaempfert, Ray Conniff, Billy Vaughn and Mantovani. Soloists and small groups later also played this genre, which ultimately sank into cheap department store music.

For our music-making coffee machine Alexis, “Easy Listening” is the ultimate genre, even though it has largely disappeared from the vocabulary, and today the genre “Lo-Fi” is more common for relaxed, rhythmic music. Alexis’ mastermind would like to take up the above mentioned examples in contemporary sound.

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