Riding the Brandnew Car

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June 26, 2020
A relaxed ride with the brand new tin horse can be a great pleasure if the horse has enough run-out. Starting the Engine - Heading for the Motorway - Highway to Neverland. Who the hell is Alexis Entprima? You have to dive deep into the fantasy world of writer and music producer Horst Grabosch to get an answer. The appearance of Alexis as an artist identity is preceded by a stage play by the author: "From Ape to Human". In this stage play, there is an artificial intelligence named "Alexis." Actually, it is a souped-up coffee machine that can produce music videos and develops very idiosyncratic traits. At the end of the stage play, Alexis is demoted to a dance music machine - and here is the dance music machine with its first EP. The songs can actually be listened to very well while driving and dancing is also possible - but not while driving. You can decide.

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