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Aug 28, 2021 | Fanposts

Trivial music can be dangerous

Written by Horst Grabosch

Music consists of organized sound, rhythm and optionally language. This generous framework is sometimes dangerously reduced by our tendency to simplify. Too simple music degenerates our capacity for spirituality. It is not a triviality. Balance is the secret recipe in music, as in life in general.

Sound can vary from noise to artfully organized harmonic structures. Melodies organize them on the timeline, harmonies simultaneously. Rhythm in the simplest case denotes a pulse frequency. The complexity of a rhythm can be increased by changes in the time axis, and by interleaving. Speech conveys meaning and is enriched in music with elaborate timbre, and/or following a melody (singing).

Simplification of the conceivable musical complexity is to a certain extent just as meaningful as we need simplification in the form of patterns to survive. In extreme cases, however, it is just as dangerous, because too simple music reinforces emotions/patterns which, in the sense of “carrying on like this”, has so far repeatedly led to wars and the destruction of our planet.

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