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November 15, 2021

A song from the series “Historic Moods” – a completely new and unique song format. This time it’s about disco music, which originated in the 70s and made a rapid triumphal march through dance clubs all over the world. As always in the songs of the series with critical comments. The songs deal stylistically with the topic discussed – so here in the style of disco music. In the process, stylistic elements or musical quotations from the era are mixed into an independent song. The speakers comment on the topic as in a short journalistic article.

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol


When the Commodores released Lady in 1981 Disco Fever had already cooled down considerably. As many artists from different styles jumped on the disco bandwagon it also became obvious that it was a wild mix of music for the dance clubs but always based on funk.

Disco developed as a dance music subculture in the U.S.A. in the 1970th. The new soulful music became increasingly popular and eventually boomed with the films Saturday Night Fever and Thank God it’s Friday. One Disco club after another opened all over the world, gradually pushing Rock music out of the radio stations.

The frustration of the austed rock musicians and their fans boiled to the point of Disco Demolitian Night where a crate of Disco albums was blown up. The action was also indirectly a blow against the sexual revolution that began in the Disco clubs and therefore had a reactionary undertone.

If the fans had known how much more fun and power is hidden in the elements of this music, they wouldn’t have jumped on the next bandwagon. So only the softer hits of the Bee Gees and John Travolta’s white suit remain in the memory of most disco veterans.

Fight for Empathy

After the story of “Spaceship Entprima” and the stage play “From Ape to Human”, the Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts were free for a new task. The decision was made for a permanent, socio-political task – the fight for more empathy in this world.

Empathy logically excludes racism, fascism, injustice, greed and all other evils of human behaviour. And when we speak of fight, we include determined resistance. We will not leave our children a world worth living in if we allow ourselves to fall permanently into romantic transfiguration or meditative retreat.

Nevertheless, every person needs a balance for his soul. If we respond to hate with hate, we will fail miserably. But we are many! If everyone does his part in daily life to improve the situation, we will win.

Make sure that you always remain powerful in your mission and avoid confrontations that harm your soul.

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Making of


The task was clear. As part of the “Historic Moods” series, it was the turn of the music current of the year 1981. Since I proceeded in decades, it could happen that a year lay between two main currents. Nevertheless, it was clear to me that disco had to have a contribution. And I can say that it was great fun, because I was a big fan of funk music.

In the course of the development of the comments, of course, I do research, and sometimes things come to light that I had not remembered. The big surprise for me was the background of the Disco Demolition Night. I remembered that the fans of other music genres could no longer stand the supremacy of the disco trend, but I was not aware of the reactionary background of the event.

I was also not aware of the importance of disco clubs in the development of the LGBT community to the same extent. My already very open attitude towards sexual inclinations probably played a role in this. I was all the more shocked by the martial attitude of the event and its protagonists, and in retrospect I also knew why I didn’t particularly like certain rock music.

For this reason, this time I also packed historical footage into the music video. Once from the legendary Studio 54 in New York, and secondly from the Disco Demolition Night.


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