Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

Electronic music production becomes the standard for a new independent generation of musicians. Like painters determine their own works, these music producers create their works from beginning to end.

Eclectic sound artists use all the possibilities of electronic sound production without obsessively limiting themselves to it.


Eclectic Electronic Music

We should start breaking shells to get to the fruit. Ideological models of society such as communism and capitalism have already proven their inability to come closer to lasting world peace. As artists, we are especially called upon to transcend boundaries. Many artists have already done so – with varying degrees of success.

We have observed that the addiction to unambiguous nutshells has led to the invention of new nutshells for successful innovators in the art scene, which again separate instead of unite. In the search for a solution, we have come across eclecticism, which breaks open the shells and makes use of the most useful fruits. In the process, the former shells keep just a carpet of splinters. This model seems promising in its approach to diversity without the danger of arbitrariness.

Latest Presented Releases

After You Left Surprisingly

After You Left Surprisingly

What makes emotions real? You are listening to a beautiful pop ballad in which a beguiling female voice laments a sad loss. You are touched because you feel the pain. Who is the singer? What does the supposedly delicate creature look like? Who composed the song? We can’t answer the questions seriously, but the result touches and that is the most important thing in music. And yes, the producer of this wonderful mosaic of sound building blocks, soul-searcher Horst Grabosch, has a comprehensive music education – so far it is extremely serious.

Tropical Fruit Mix

Tropical Fruit Mix

Horst Grabosch and Alexis Entprima with a new dance track that again goes into the leg as well as the brain. A poppy horn section, borrowed from the days of Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears, is at the center of the song. As you would expect with Grabosch’s compositions, there are also extensive quotes from the blues and a guest appearance by the Peking Opera – all perfectly molded into a tropical house track.

Talk to Me

Talk to Me

Horst Grabosch continues to surf the wave of summer with his alter ego Alexis Entprima. Today his message is “Talk to Me”, which is always better than “Shoot on Me”. Like the last summer singles, it is electronic dance music with always different subgenres, like electro or Future House in this case. And again Grabosch invites some eclectic guests. In this song a rock band sounds from another world. There’s definitely a different way to be boring.

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Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

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