Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

Eclectic Electronic Music Magazine

Electronic music production becomes the standard for a new independent generation of musicians. Like painters determine their own works, these music producers create their works from beginning to end.

Eclectic sound artists use all the possibilities of electronic sound production without obsessively limiting themselves to it.


Eclectic Electronic Music

We should start breaking shells to get to the fruit. Ideological models of society such as communism and capitalism have already proven their inability to come closer to lasting world peace. As artists, we are especially called upon to transcend boundaries. Many artists have already done so – with varying degrees of success.

We have observed that the addiction to unambiguous nutshells has led to the invention of new nutshells for successful innovators in the art scene, which again separate instead of unite. In the search for a solution, we have come across eclecticism, which breaks open the shells and makes use of the most useful fruits. In the process, the former shells keep just a carpet of splinters. This model seems promising in its approach to diversity without the danger of arbitrariness.

Latest Presented Releases

Die Geschichte von Oberförster Karl-Heinz Flinte

Die Geschichte von Oberförster Karl-Heinz Flinte

A new story by Horst Grabosch from the “Heroes of Work” series. This time the focus is on the profession of forester. Of course, Karl-Heinz Flinte does not fit the stereotype of a forester. On the cover, he looks more like a climate activist. But that is exactly Grabosch’s twist. The three episodes reveal the diversity of the activity. Flinte also occasionally shoots a boar when necessary, but he also suffers with the weakened trees and cares for the forest’s human visitors – after all, that’s what he’s paid to do. Just as with his music, he sits between all chairs, but the chairs always represent only a limited view. Grabosch always chooses individual themes and musical genres for a song, but in the process they form a whole picture over time. This picture is irritatingly diverse in terms of pattern formation. Perhaps this is precisely how Grabosch demonstrates our general lack of acceptance of the complexity of the world. But he always keeps his humorous wink.

Die Geschichte von Bademeister Adelwart

Die Geschichte von Bademeister Adelwart

With the story of pool attendant Adelwart, Horst Grabosch presents the second release from the series “Heroes of Work”. With three episodes in this maxi-single he pays tribute to people who daily make their peaceful contribution to the functioning of our world. All three contributions of German poetry and musical eclecticism have the same jazzy base and vary in the small poems in German that form the song lyrics and in the soloistic elements. We are once again surprised by the variety of styles in Grabosch’s songs. There is jazz in this song and the jazz trumpeter, who was internationally successful many years ago, shows how to integrate styles when you have practiced them yourself.

Die Geschichte von Krankenschwester Hildegard

Die Geschichte von Krankenschwester Hildegard

With the story of Nurse Hildegard, Horst Grabosch opens a new box of his imagination. With three episodes in this maxi-single, he pays tribute not only to professions that are socially important, but even more to the people who daily make their peaceful contribution to the functioning of our world. All three musical pieces have the same musical base and vary in the small poems in German that make up the lyrics of the song and in the solo elements. Other tributes to other professions have been announced. The series is entitled Heroes of Work. We are looking forward to more humorous episodes with new musical styles, as we are used to from the eclectic Grabosch.

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