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April 26, 2022
The song Gospel Train is not about religions, but about transcendence. People are searching for soul and inner peace.
Horst Grabosch


This song contains beautiful voices but they are mostly of onomatopoetic nature with some rare words.

Making of


At the end of 2021, my son Moritz sent me unreleased house tracks he had produced before his temporary departure from the music business. He told me that he often had them running while doing desk work. Maybe I would have an idea to work out the songs to something new.

For my taste, they were little stories, but they weren’t told. Also, James Last and the history of the Easy Listening genre came to mind. I took the first track and let my imagination run wild. An atmospheric photo to go with the music seemed like a fitting inspiration boost.

Thus was born the method for working out the song stories, which I kept with all 12 tracks I received.

The basic track of Moritz’s Track already contained sounds of a gospel choir. Then I found the adorable photo of the praying woman in the church and the story was ready.

As a friend of ambivalence, I have a very critical relationship with faith and religions. I’m always aware of the fact that an infinite amount of suffering has been unleashed in the name of God.

Nevertheless, I feel a deep relationship with transcendent ideas and admire the humility of praying people. This humility and the longing for innocent beauty accompanied me in the elaboration of the final version of Gospel Train.

Selected Song