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More than you would expect

Horst Grabosch is a bit different as a songwriter than you probably expect. Maybe the variety of music reminds you of a grab bag. Of course, this diversity has causes. First of all, you must not forget the 10 years of academic training as a musicologist and classical musician. Then there is the love of jazz and the 25 years of work as a professional trumpet player in orchestras, and as a soloist and accompanist in a wide variety of music scenes – from free jazz to light music. If you now add a good pinch of curiosity for world events, you are already very close to understanding.

In some 4000 live performances, Grabosch always wondered how sophisticated music could be combined with the average listener’s desire for light muse. Only after turbulent years and two burnouts, and at an advanced age, he found an answer for himself. The result can be heard in this songbook.

His search for a heading for his style he found in eclecticism. Since all his productions are made on the computer in his home studio, he found the name “Eclectic Electronic Music” to be fitting. Have fun listening.

German-speaking fans can get closer to the soul of the composer and author in this stimulating novel ->

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