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September 28, 2021

This music for relaxation combines beauty of sound and mastery in the composition of sounds to create oscillating overtone structures.

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Spotify Playlist – Global Serenity

Recharge your batteries to turn the earth into a peaceful planet. Part of the holistic Entprima music concept.

Spotify Playlist Serenity

The Art of Balance

You are a critical citizen of planet Earth and are worried about the future? There are enough reasons for these worries. The Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts sing a song or two about it.

But the constant worry leads to depressive moods and robs you of the strength to resist. Therefore it is necessary to bring the soul back into balance.

It is no betrayal of the fight for a peaceful world if you find inner peace, although evil things often rule the world. Only persistent powerful voices will be able to change things in the long run.

We don’t bury our heads in the sand, but we want to give you music that leads to a balance of the soul.

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Making of


While searching for sounds, I came across recordings of wind chimes. I was fascinated by the random sound sequences influenced by the wind. I also heard the rich overtone field typical of struck metals. Instinctively, I had to think of “Lux Aeterna” by György Ligeti, and decided to try something in which not melody and harmony are in the foreground, but vibrations and the healing effect, as they are also known from singing bowl therapies. As a trained musicologist, I am no stranger to the healing effects of vibrations.

In the course of the experiments, I packed one psychoacoustic effect after the other into the resulting track. Then everything was harmonically mixed and mastered. After an intensive working process, one is usually somewhat blind and can no longer judge the results objectively. That’s why I let all the songs rest for a day so that I can judge them again with fresh ears. Producers also like to test loudly and at least one run-through with headphones.

Despite the professional proximity to the work, I could feel a calming effect after 2 minutes, and suddenly melodies formed in my head that were definitely not in the track itself. I was totally amazed, and asked my son, who as an executive music producer also listens rather critically, for a sample. But even he could not escape the direct effect despite his critical distance.

But listen for yourself – it works best rather loudly and with headphones.

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Latest Releases


Le Chant des Sirènes

The song is inspired by Greek mythology, where sailors are lured to their deaths by the beguiling song of the sirens.

Sounds within Liquids

Created from a tiny cell, born in a liquid, we come into this world as children, and we leave our world as the same children. We need not be afraid, because we carry the beauty of creation within us.

Soul Purifying Wind

Hear and feel the wind that purifies the soul. Mixed with musical sounds that warm the heart.