Spaceships and Law on Earth

Entprima Story

May 29, 2019


If you are busy in music business with official releases, you have to respect the rights of other musicians and organisations. We know that for years, but sometimes imagination overwhelms the caution. When we started the journey, one idea followed the other. And we enjoyed it. But some days ago we started to plan merchandising products, and got the first denial for the name of our fictive spaceship, called “SS Hope” because of the shortcut “SS” which is on a blacklist. So we changed the name to “Spaceship Hope”. Today we realized that “Spaceship Hope” is a same named video game – shit happens.

And additionally our music producer on board should be named “Captain E”, who unfortunately already exists as a producer and DJ. What to do? We are happy, that all of our music releases do not use this names and we are only for 5 month on our journey to the stars. But there was an easy solution in sight, which eliminates all questions of rights, and also makes the context better to understand. Entprima is our registered trademark, and it was obvious that we have to use it in all names to prevent juristic problems.

Therefore from today we use:


Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts for the band
Spaceship Entprima for our fictional environment
Captain Entprima for the producer

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Story Insights

Some of our music releases are part of a story, like “Spaceship Entprima” or “From Ape to Human”. In this post we want to offer you some deeper insights into the development of the story.

These comments can also be found in the menu under the title of the story together with the “Release Notes” of the related music releases.

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