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Horst Grabosch: The history of these songs goes back to my first project “Spaceship Entprima”. The Exodus spaceship has been travelling for many years and you were allowed to ask how the passengers were kept happy. In the story, there was a “Captain Entprima” on board for the musical entertainment – a former professional musician. There were 3 scenarios that required his music. The first was the need for the mainly young passengers to dance to music, the second was music for relaxation, and finally background music for dinner or in the corridors. This is how my three projects developed: “Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts”, which told the story itself, “Alexis Entprima”, the music-producing coffee machine in the dining room and “Captain Entprima” himself for the relaxation music. After the episode of the spaceship Entprima, the artist identities became independent and “Alexis Entprima” became the container for dance music, the “Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts” became the container for socially critical songs and other things, but “Captain Entprima” remained the container for relaxation music. Some of these songs can be found in the “#3Musix-Space” “Spaceship Entprima”, all others that were created up to the end of 2023 are summarised here. – Estimated watchtime: 100 minutes.

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Captain Entprima

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