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December 11, 2019

The melody transports the enthusiasm in the experience of a beautiful dawn. People dance optimistically into a new day. It is the time of feeling of departure for a better future.

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol


This song has no lyrics.

Please note that there are different artist units in the holistic Entprima world.

Usually only some of them work regularly with lyrics, others publish exclusively instrumental works.

From Ape to Human

Three young couples who have known each other since their school days – i.e. known as a peer group – meet regularly in the loft of computer scientist Paul. They have fun together and are all enthusiastic dancers.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the meeting described in the dance drama takes a slightly different turn. Torn between youthful light-heartedness and caution, they decide to do without dancing. Instead, the very talented programmer Paul wants to show his latest electronic achievement “Alexis”.

A converted coffee machine with a connection to the internet and a good portion of artificial intelligence. He proposes to make a thought game about human evolution: “From Ape to Human”. “Alexis” should be able to produce a suitable music video for each part of the developing story at the first go. But “Alexis” proves to be even more intelligent than Paul ever thought possible.



The Stage Scene Before the Song

Because of the romantic atmosphere, Alexis has changed his ambient program to birdsong, which is now driving the cynical Irina crazy. She now wants to get over the weightlessness in space, because she would always feel sick there. Claire laughs along, but she is not yet at the end of the romantic mood and demands a last romantic departure.

Boris mediates between the two quarrelsome girls, and calls on the equally slightly unnerved spacemen Paul and Faris to agree to a last romantic mood. Claire is back in her element, creating an optimistic mood at a beautiful dawn. She is able to convey her message well, and it is early evening, so everyone finally agrees.

Even before Paul has formulated the request for Alexis, the red light is already flashing. Alexis really seems to have unimagined abilities and is able to follow the discussion extremely precisely. When the flashing has turned into a steady light, Paul gives his command to Alexis again.

Alexis produces music and videos on the fly in the stage play “From Ape to Human”.

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