Fiction vs. Reality

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Spaceship Entprima

Maybe some people have problems with our story, and don’t understand what the real music releases have to do with the space ship metaphor. First let me say that you can also enjoy the music without any story behind. But for an extended delight it maybe interesting to combine it with our imagination. And this leads to the fundamental question about the relationship of fiction and reality.

Big Bang
At the beginning of reality with the ingredients time and space, there was a singularity which only was an imagination of possibilities. Only the Big Bang transformed that imagination into matter. And that formed our world, as we can regognize it today. This is an ongoing process. So we can say that imagination is the mother of reality.

Imagination as Sense of Life
If we would only see our life in a context of actual happening things, we would instantly fall into a deep depression. Dreams of a better world keep us alive. So our dreams are the mother of future, similar the Big Bang was the mother of reality. Everyone has his own size of dreams and aproach to realize them. Artists are especially talented to realize dreams and imagination into matter. And matter means media in an artistic context – pictures, music, sculptures, movies. To stay understandable, artists need a frame for their work. A frame of personal possibilities, which fits to their talents. The more the frame is right, the more is the quality of the works. And that lifts the sense of life on a higher level. And this good feeling can be shared by the audience.

Spaceship Entprima is therefore a frame for musical inventions, which try to put some new aspects into the artistic offer. And it is typical for artists to try to find new aspects in the ongoing process of the human development. And it is also a well known issue, that an audience welcomes supporting links from art to common life. That is what the Story of Spaceship Entprima should be.

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