From Ape to Human

Three young couples meet repeatedly for a dance party. AI “Alexis”, a kind of “Alexa” or “Siri” looks for the right titles. After a while, boredom comes up. Often one already escaped from the everyday world into the party life. People talk about ways to change things. The departure to new worlds without the evil human sides, like greed and hatred, seems to be the radical solution. “We behave like monkeys,” says Paul and proposes as an enrichment of the evening before a mind game: “From Ape to Human,” a journey to a new world. Appearance here is in order of release dates.

Order inside the dance drama:

Act 1
1. Sirtaki and Friendship and the Other Stuff
2. Star Dream Waltz
3. Euphoria of the Dawn
4. Massive Space Shuffle
5. Fake World
6. Wormhole Transfer

Release Notes – Details

Release Notes – Details

Release Notes – Details – Video

Release Notes – Details – Video

Release Notes – Details – Video

Older Mix – Remix coming soon …

Release Notes – Details – Video

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