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June 20, 2020

After the last video of Alexis has almost completely confused the hosts Paul and Jenny, the artificial intelligence asks Alexis for a last chance for an explanatory video. The request is granted. Alexis shows a human life in fast motion and reminds us that we have to die one day. This means that we have to search for the meaning of life not in distant worlds but here and now on earth.

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol


This song has no lyrics.

Please note that there are different artist units in the holistic Entprima world.

Usually only some of them work regularly with lyrics, others publish exclusively instrumental works.

From Ape to Human

Three young couples who have known each other since their school days – i.e. known as a peer group – meet regularly in the loft of computer scientist Paul. They have fun together and are all enthusiastic dancers.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the meeting described in the dance drama takes a slightly different turn. Torn between youthful light-heartedness and caution, they decide to do without dancing. Instead, the very talented programmer Paul wants to show his latest electronic achievement “Alexis”.

A converted coffee machine with a connection to the internet and a good portion of artificial intelligence. He proposes to make a thought game about human evolution: “From Ape to Human”. “Alexis” should be able to produce a suitable music video for each part of the developing story at the first go. But “Alexis” proves to be even more intelligent than Paul ever thought possible.



The Stage Scene Before the Song

It’s gone very quiet. Jenny and Paul puzzle what Alexis wants to tell them. Jenny thinks she has recognized in the video that Alexis is talking about the complexity of life. But what does the lyrics of the song mean? Does Alexis believe to be God?

Paul is sure that his machine would never believe such a thing and starts to analyze the lyrics. Yes, Alexis wants to shake things up, but in the end it would be about people’s dreams. And there the lyrics say clearly: “I am the bard of your dreams that you never dreamed.”

Paul believes he has found the key to the message. People dream the wrong dreams! The really important dreams are in the middle of their lives, and not in a distant future that they can’t influence significantly anyway.

Jenny realizes that Alexis does not believe to be God, but in his own way points to a God who is not yet sunk in religious delusion. Alexis already flashes carefully again. He still has an arrow in his quiver. Jenny now has friendly feelings towards the obviously very emotional machine and asks Alexis to play one last video for her. Maybe Alexis can close the circle of understanding.


Alexis produces music and videos on the fly in the stage play “From Ape to Human”.

The Stage Scene After the Song

Jenny is on the verge of tears. It’s as simple as that, and a machine first has to make them aware of it again? Paul is as if struck in the head that Alexis, a machine, must remind her of the inevitability of death and the capacity for love.

Paul’s hugging Jenny. Respect, prosperity for all, serenity and love – these should be the human dreams Alexis meant, and that here and now on our earth.

Jenny asks Paul if he believes that Alexis really knows what love is? Paul pulls up his shoulders, asking, “Who knows?” They leave the scene for the bedroom. Paul gives his last command to Alexis: Alexis – music off – lights off – system check – and shutdown.

The last lines of code that Alexis processes appear on the screen:
Command: Music=”off”
Command: Light=”off”
System: check
Status: Artificial Intelligence
Command: Change Status
Command: Module Emotion=”off”
New Status: Dance Music Machine
Command: Shutdown


Audio Version

Stage Play