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Jul 5, 2021 | Fanposts

Overpopulation & Demographic Transition

Written by Horst Grabosch

Calculations show that we are heading towards a global peak in human population. However, according to the historically verifiable theory of the demographic transition, the increase will come to an end in the next century and the population will decrease again. For us today this means a major challenge. All people who make an offer to customers as self-employed people notice the problem of overpopulation in their daily lives. There are more suppliers than potential buyers.

As an old musician who still experienced the world with half the world’s population in his professional life, the development is glaringly noticeable. It has never been harder to cut through the roar of suppliers.

After all, according to the theory of demographic transition, a peaceful and prosperous world is a tantalising prospect. The only question that remains is whether our children will survive the coming peak of global growth.

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